Dulacis Kingdom

Drink the Kool-Aid

The two undead return to the Drow City and find the new Matron of the 2 sword house. They show her the map. Thorbin asks for help rescuing Kor and Emmet. She gives them a chest with skeletons on it, it seems to move every once in a while. She asks that they let her know before they open it. They bring the chest back. The group forms a plan. An hour after Thorbin and Talbot leave Illeah will scry on the Matron to let her know they are opening the chest. Zeeboo will cast invisibility on the two undead and the chest. Thorbin and Talbot will take the chest in to the heavily protected center of the Mind flayer city and open it there.

Once our two undead heroes arrive at the center of the Mind flayer city they tie a rope to the lid of the chest and get as far from it as they can and open it with the rope. A Skeleton gets out of the chest carrying a sword. Soon another, and another. They seem to be leaving the chest about every two seconds. One of the Mind flayers sees the Skeletons and begins to freak out. The Skeletons start to attack. Thorbin and Talbot head towards the prison. The rest of the group enter the Mind flayer city. They smell burning and see a lot of dead slaves pierced with Drow arrows.

Talbot finds Emmet and tries to get him out of his cell. Emmet refuses to leave without his pictures. Thorbin has found Kor and she removes the device on his head. Kor seems really out of it but can comply to simple commands and walks out mostly on his own power. She takes him to where the two pillars are and waits for the rest of the group to arrive. The others soon arrive and begin trying to find a way around the pillars. Illeah pulls a rat out of her bag to test the pillars vs. animals. The rat explodes. Thorbin tries the anti magic sphere. Illeah pulls out a cat next. It explodes. Illeah turns stone to mud and makes a path around the pillars. She pull another cat out of the bag and sends it through the path. It arrives on the other side unharmed. Thorbin and Kor take Illeah’s path.

The group head outside of the building and are ready to make run for it. Emmet, however, is not ready to leave his new Mind flayer friends (or rather they are not ready for him to leave). He feels an overwhelming need to say good bye to them and let them meet his friends before he goes. Thorbin and Illeah both try to take him down with Drow poison but he doesn’t seem phased. Thorbin has had quite enough of Emmet and starts trying to knock him out. Sophia tries to offer him “fun times” if he just leaves right now. Emmet cannot be swayed from his quest to say good by to his Mind flayer friends. Sophia reminds him that Maluna probably misses him. Emmet agrees and turns into a black dragon. He still wants to say good bye to the Mind flayers. Sophia tells Emmet she is allergic to Mind flayers. He picks her up. Illeah casts Fire Storm in the middle of the approaching Mind flayers. Emmet picks Illeah up as well and then flies to the top of the cavern and drops both the women he is holding. Illeah casts Air Walk on Sophia and then wild shapes into a bird. The Mind flayers tell Emmet to grab Thorbin next. Emmet swoops in and tries to land on Thorbin who then stabs him with a Drow poisoned dagger. Emmet passes out and returns to his human form.

There is a lot of commotion approaching. There are a bunch of Mind flayers carrying something. It seems to be the Elder Brain. It is defending itself with long tendrils of some kind. They seem to be moving it to safety. Deciding that this seems way to dangerous Thorbin finds the cube of gate on Emmet and picks the white side. A gate opens to a small demi plane with a little shack. The group go through the portal.

Illeah uses some restorative spells on Kor to try and snap him out of whatever funk he is in. The group hear mumbling. They see an ethereal man. Emmet puts on his ring of blinking, the man sees him and charges at him screaming “I’ll kill you Pratt!!”. Thorbin steps in and attacks the ethereal man. The man’s attacks make Thorbin feel fantastic. Illeah turns into a cat, which Emmet immediately picks up and starts petting. Thorbin lands a hit on the ethereal man and he disappears. The group go inside the little shack. It seems larger on the inside than on the outside. The ethereal man reappears at the window and is glaring at them. Illeah, Zeeboo, Oskar, Kor and Emmet go to sleep. Thorbin and Sophia keep watch and Talbot does some exploring/stealing. He finds some books about the Far Realm. He finds some gloves as well. He takes all of them.

After resting the group start checking the other sides of the cube of gate. The green side leads to some lovely green rolling fields. The purple side leads to a black spire in the Outlands. The red side leads to a swirling mass of stuff. The blue side leads to Mechanis, and the orange side leads to a flat surface that looks like part of a cube. On that plane there is a guy wearing full plate covered in blood. The group explore the shack next. It seems to have definitely belonged to Pratt. Illeah finds another pair of magic gloves. Talbot decides he wants to go outside and talk to the ethereal guy. They man walks up to him and luges for Talbot‘s pocket where the magic gloves are stashed. Talbot manages to avoid him and eventually makes it back to the shack. Zeeboo asks to see what is in Talbot’s pocket. He starts identifying the gloves and Kor starts reading the books about the Far Realm. Illeah and Sophia start reading notes in the study and Talbot goes outside to keep tormenting the ethereal man.

Zeeboo can only tell that the gloves are gloves of congeration. Sophia volunteers to put them on. When she does there is a bright light and the gloves disappear leaving glowing runes on her wrists. She now feels like she can do things she couldn’t do before and she goes outside. She attempts to cast fireball. It works! She tries lightning. Success! Illeah suggests she try casting a gate to take them back to Vanslet. She does. Zeeboo can only be described as seething at the this new development. The group goes through the gate. Promptly upon arriving all of Sophia’s teeth fallout and become bugs. She grows new sharp teeth with many rows. Zeeboo feels vindicated and Sophia no longer like her new powers.

In Vanslet, the group notice a lot of people wearing black and purple robes. Emmet goes to see Maluna. She seems excited to see him. She tells him that she’s found a way to get all the treasure she wants without killing a single person. She has started a cult! She did one or two “miracles” and every one started worshiping her. Soon there is the sound of coins hitting stone and she takes Emmet to see the daily “offering”. She brings him to a spot underneath a well in town, people are throwing gold coins in for their “goddess”. Emmet, who is not fully recovered from his run in with the Mind flayers, doesn’t know better so he thinks this is the best thing ever. Maluna offers to make him high priest of her cult. Meanwhile, Illeah visits the temple of Pelor. They are running low on funds as now every one who comes to the city comes to see the “goddess”. She even has processionals on occasion. Illeah, is displeased.

The Thorbin and Talbot Undead Hour!
All undead, All the time!

Thorbin decides to also drink from the cup. She dies, and rises again. The group give the Lich Mind flayer another book of forbidden knowledge in exchange for a map to the Mind flayer city. Thorbin and Talbot take point an the group heads towards the Mind flayer city. After the living get tired they make camp in the inter planer mansion while the undead keep going. As they continue Thorbin hears someone down another tunnel, Talbot thinks it sounds like someone getting beaten. Thorbin sneaks down the tunnel to investigate. She sees a Mind with some slaves. He beats one and eats his brain. Our intrepid undead decide to leave this matter be and continue on their way to the Mind flayer city.

As they approach the city they hear talking. Soon they see a Mind flayer walk up to a group of people. They line up immediately. they begin to walk towards Thorbin and Talbot. They decide to test the waters, what will a Mind flayer do if they see an undead or two in the underdark? The answer is: Try to dominate their minds, fail, and then freak out. The Mind flayer sends it’s slaves after them and then disappears, leaving the slaves to fight this battle. Thorbin and Talbot fight for a while but they are rather out numbered and end up running away to meet up with the rest of the group to give them a progress report.

The next day it is decided that Thorbin and Talbot will need to return and do some more recon but will need to have a way to pass through the city without drawing ANY attention to themselves. Zeeboo turns them both into bats. Since they are unsure if Mind flayers can sense the minds of bats they must try to stay as hidden as they can even in their bat forms.

In the city they do a quick overview of what is there. It seems the area they were in the day before was only part of the city. There are several more sections to explore. They find the city center, housing, slave housing, two buildings with no windows and more heavily protected building surrounded by stone in the middle of the city. They decide to try and find the bar Emmet was in when they scryed on him. After some time they find it but Emmet is no longer there. They decide that the buildings with no windows might be a jail of some kind and that would be the best place to find Kor and Emmet at this point. Thorbin sneaks in and looks around a bit. She finds long hallways with doors that have small windows in them. She looks inside one and sees a Mind flayer with a human that has calipers on his head. She moves on, eventually she finds a hallway that connects the two buildings. There are two very strange looking pillars on either side of the passage. Many of the people in this wing are comatose. There are also Mind flayers in some of the cells (these cells look much nicer), this building might also be an asylum of sorts. Thorbin decides that she’s learned enough about this building for now and turns back to join Talbot. On the way back to the first building, Thorbin sees a man pick the lock on his cell and make a break for it. When he gets to the strange pillars, however, his head explodes.

Thorbin finds Talbot again, they decide they should go and report back to the group about what they have figured out. With this new information it is decided that the group should try to scry on Emmet and Kor to see if they might be in the jail or if they seem to be somewhere else. Illeah scrys on Emmet he appears to be in one of they asylum rooms, he is drawing, and it looks awful. He hangs in on the wall proudly with a bunch of equally terrible drawings. Illeah next tries to scry on Kor. The image is fuzzy but he seems to be in a cell with some kind of contraption on his head. The group decide to sleep for the night and then send the undead back in to specifically find Kor and Emmet.

The next day the undead bats set out again for the Mind flayer city. This time Talbot joins Thorbin in the jail in search of Emmet and Kor. Talbot takes the first building and Thorbin takes the second building. While Talbot is searching he runs into a Mind flayer. He turns tail and tries to hide, but the mind flayer finds him. Not knowing what else to do, he plays dead, and drops to the ground. The Mind flayer seems confused and stabs him a few times to make sure he’s dead (being undead, he is very convincing). Soon the Mind flayer leaves and Talbot can continue his search. He soon finds Emmet still drawing on the 4th level of the first building. Thorbin finds Kor in the 2nd sub level of the second building.

Mind flayers, Vampires, Lichs, and the Undead
Oh My!

The Drow Matron tells Illeah and Zeeboo that these “slaves” have information to help them find the priestess’s son. The Matron offers to interrogate them. Sophia is singled out. Sophia says that Thorbin knows something. The Matron goes to Thorbin who then touches her with the glove she was given in the cell. The Matron screams out in pain and is turned into a pile of ash. Talbot pulls his weapons and the Demon that brought them in smiles at him and then attacks. The group tries to convince him that they aren’t worth his time and that they can find him more worthy foes. Sophia convinces him to join them in finding Mind flayers and that killing them would be more fun.

Just then the Demon grabs at his neck and falls to on to all fours. The Female Drow that had captured half the group appears and seems to be controlling the Demon. Illeah has Zeeboo tell the Demon that she can remove his collar. The female Drow hears her and challenges her to try it. Sophia tries to talk the Drow female into telling them where the mind flayers are. She says that the group’s suicidal tendencies might be useful to her. Sophia, the female Drow and the Demon all disappear.

With Sophia, the female Drow tells her that there is an easier way to get to the Mind flayers. If she helps the group she would like a favor in turn. She wants information on where the Mind flayer city is weakest and where it is strongest. She plans on making an alliance with one of the other houses and attack the Mind flayers. She wants to send the other house to the strongest part of the city while her clan attacks the weakest part. Sophia tells her that the group want’s the Mind flayers dead as much as she does and if giving her this info will kill a bunch of them then she is more than willing to help. The Drow then tells her that there is an old Mind flayer, he’s a bit off and has been cast out from the Mind flayer city. He may be able to help them. There is a second option, there is a merchant in Sigel that sells “grafts” They are mutated pieces of the Elder Brain. They burrow into your skull and will allow you to pass as a Mind flayer, however, they sometimes (*cough*most of the time*cough*) make the user a bit strange.

Sophia and the Drow return to the group. Sophia tells the group their options. No one is keen on having bits of the Elder Brain put in their skulls so they decide to check out what the old Mind flayer can do for them. The group ask the Drow for some directions to the old Mind flayer and if there are any obstacles they should be aware of. She tells them there is nothing to worry about but little things that run around in the Underdark. The group ask if she means Mychonids. They also tell her of Talbot’s penchant for eating them and wearing them as hats. She shares some recipes with Talbot where the main ingredient is sentient mushrooms. She tells the group they will have to go down to find the old Mind flayer. She gives them a map and general directions.

The group stays the night to heal up and regain spells. The next day there is a knock on their door. The group is given a backpack, inside is a map and some rations (some of which looks like mushroom). The group leaves the city and follow the map. Eventually the group get t o a point on the map that leads to a giant cavern that is very deep with no easy way to get down. Sophia sees a humanoid figure crawling on the wall across from them. Thorbin calls out to it. It starts coming towards them. Illeah hears scurrying but not from the figure they have seen. She casts light on some fabric and throws it in the cavern. The group see many other figures climbing towards them . They look like Mind flayers but emaciated. Illeah turns all but Zeeboo in to gaseous creatures and Zeeboo turns into a falcon and the group quickly move past the Mind flayers. As they pass them Sophia gets an image in her mind of a Mind flayer eating someone’s mind and drinking their blood. It seems that these are Vampire Mind flayers. Once the group is at the bottom of the cavern Zeeboo turns into an earth elemental and the group keep following the map. The tunnel narrows considerably after about 1000 feet and then opens up into a cavern.

There seems to be a structure in the middle. The group decide to investigate. Inside the structure there are tons of books. Thorbin finds a room with a bunch of bones, some human, some Mind flayer. Talbot knocks over a bunch of books and is suddenly on the floor paralyzed. Thorbin checks him out. Oskar senses there is an additional person in the room. It’s a Mind flayer Lich! He claims that Talbot was trying to steal his books. The group tell him they are looking for the Mind flayer city and a way to get in undetected. He asks what they can give him. they give him a calculus book, a geography of the planes book, and the diary of the wealthy merchant with the Kwalish device drawing in it. He just puts them away in their proper piles and sits down. He plays chess with Zeeboo and Thorbin for a while. they tell him they could introduce him to Brandon and Timere. He seems uninterested. He says he will help them, but they have to give him a better book. They give him a book of forbidden knowledge. This seems to be good enough because he motions for them to follow him down some stairs. There are more Vampire Mind flayers down there but they are caged up. He takes the group to the side of a room filled with junk and gets a large solid Iron cup. He instructs the group that if they drink something out of the cup the Mind flayers will not be able to detect them. There are symbols on the side of the cup, it seems to be the symbol of the god of death. Drinking from the cup will turn one undead (therefore undetectable by Mind flayers). Wanting to give everyone the option of drinking the group want to unparalyze Talbot. The Lich Mind flayer will only allow it if they tie up the “book thief” first. Talbot is told about this option for entering the Mind flayer city. He says that he’s game and drinks from the cup. He immediately dies. A few minutes later he rises, undead.

The Drow City
What have we gotten ourselves into now.....

The group continues to travel. After a few more days the group can see a light ahead. They stop to make a plan. Illeah and Zeeboo turn in to bats and fly down to the light (which they assume is a Drow City) and see what they can find out. Before he leaves Zeeboo casts a spell that gives the rest of the group an extrademensional mansion to stay in while the bats do recon.

The bats see that the city is split into three sections. After doing an overview of the first wedge they see one large building. That building has the mark of two swords with their blades crossed and pointing up on it. The second section has one large building as well. This appears to be a temple with a large spider symbol on it. The third section has one large house that has two arrows crossed that appear to be dripping with poison. This matches the amulet the group found on the Drow they had previously encountered. The bats return to the others.

It is decided that the city needs to be checked out in a more thorough manner. The group will probably need to talk to someone to figure out where the Mindflayers are. Since none of them speak Drow or know any of their customs it seems unwise to dress as Drow. Those that had remained behind while Illeah and Zeeboo scouted all speak Goblin. It is decided that Sophia, Thorbin, and Talbot will be transformed into Bugbears and Oskar will be a Gray Dwarf. They will go into the city and pose as slaves, they will bring the amulet they found with them in case it proves useful.

As the group (minus Illeah and Zeeboo) heads towards the city they seem to spring a trap. Oskar is unable to avoid it and is trapped in a block of ice. After using many fiery things and hitting the ice a lot, he is eventually freed. The group continue on to the city. When they arrive they are stopped by a Drow guard. Talbot and Oskar have weapons that are visible. The Drow take them. Sophia holds out the amulet and says that they belong to the people who wear that symbol. The Drow say they will take them to where they belong. The group fear that they are not being taken to “where they belong”

This proves to be a valid fear as they are brought to the house with the two swords instead of the house with the two arrows. The group is manhandled (or dwarfhandled in Oskar‘s case) and chained to the floor. A female Drow comes in. They group is asked their master’s name. They fail to remember. Sophia says their master was killed. Sophia tries to bluff their way out. Oskar is shot. Talbot is shot and beaten. Sophia keeps trying to talk their way out of the situation. Talbot tries to break his bonds. This earns him a sound beating. The group is given necklaces with bottles on them. They are questioned more about where their master is and why they are here. Talbot tries to break his bonds again, the bottle on his necklace breaks and he is now on fire. The Drow tells the group that they should tell the truth. A Drow strikes Sophia. She looses control and becomes a tentacle monster. A trap door opens beneath her and she falls into a pit. Talbot immediately starts talking. He tells the Drow everything he knows (which is mercifully little). The female Drow offers him some wine. He gladly takes it. He tells them the group is from the surface and they are looking for two of their friends. He also encourages the Drow to try not shooting first and asking questions later. The people on the surface might be more willing to trade with them if they did that. A lot of stuff has been invented and improved on the surface since they last talked with each other. He continues to drink wine.

Thorbin tells the Drow that they are in fact looking for two of their friends. They don’t know where one is but they know the other was taken by the Mindflayers a few days ago. They female Drow says that the group will be put in a cell and brought to the matriarch of the two arrows house. They are to try and kill her. She asks if any one in the group can use magical items. Sophia yells from the pit that she can. The group is lead to a large room, and pushed down some stairs. The door closes and the stairs disappear.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion. Illeah is becoming worried. She feels the group should have been back by now. Her and Zeeboo form a plan to go and check on their friends. Illeah turns into a beautiful Drow woman and then transforms herself into the largest spider she can. Zeeboo disguises himself and floats on the magic carpet right in front of Illeah. They enter the city is this fashion.

They get to a part of town with many Drow. As a sign of fealty, several Drow beat a smaller Drow to death with clubs to please the Spider. Eventually Illeah and Zeeboo get to the building with the two swords and go inside. Now that they have an audience with the Drow in the building Illeah drops her spider disguise and is a fiercely beautiful Drow woman. Zeeboo informs them that “His Lady” demands the return of property. They are looking for the slaves the son of the high priestess took (and the son of the high priestess). She tells them that the house of the two arrows is decadent and needs to be destroyed. Zeeboo demands to see evidence of the property before his dreaded Mistress will even hear her pleas.

Meanwhile, in a cell. The group is given back all their weapons and told to get ready. Thorbin is given a glove and told to use it on the Matron. The group is then brought before Zeeboo and Illeah by a giant Demon.

Mychonids are Friends Not Food

Zeeboo and Sophia are woken up. Sadly, they are still seeing their hallucinations. Gnome Emmet points out to Zeeboo that human Emmet is gone. " Benar " tries to prove that he is there by using a “fireball” on Illeah. In reality, Sophia throws some alchemist fire on her. Illeah tries to stick Sophia and Zeeboo with a Drow poisoned hair stick, but it doesn’t seem to affect them. Thorbin ties up Sophia (this way " Benar " will really have to throw a fireball next time) and then tries to grapple Zeeboo. Zeeboo is quite squirrely and almost gets away. Illeah turns into a griffin so people will stop setting her on fire. Sophia, however, sees " Naibor " turn Illeah into a griffin. Oskar, trying to reason with Sophia, points out that if Benar, Naibor, and Kor were there he would be able to sense them. Sophia sees the sense in this and asks " Benar " why Oskar can’t sense them. " Benar " then asks " Naibor " to make Oskar invisible. Sophia can no longer see or hear Oskar. Thorbin tells her that she can still see Oskar, he’s still there. Zeeboo confirms this. Sophia tells Zeeboo that there are only two possibilities in this situation. Either both of them are crazy, or everyone but one of them is crazy. Even given their recent experiences in the Far Realm, it seems more likely that just two of them are crazy. " Naibor " makes Oskar “come back”. " Benar " unties Sophia (she’s just really good at getting out of knots, trick of the trade you know). Thorbin decides she needs a break from the crazy and goes to check the hallway.

In the hall she hears something; she goes to check it out. She sees two Mychonids. She soon feels very relaxed. The Mychonids tell her that they might be responsible for Sophia and Zeeboo‘s madness. When they are in distress they have a hallucinogen that they release as a defense mechanism. She asks if they can reverse it. They say they can and go back to the group with Thorbin. They give Sophia and Zeeboo an elixir. " Benar " , " Naibor " , " Kor " , and gnome Emmet all disappear. Thorbin wants to make sure Illeah isn’t also insane (she did say she was buddies with a Mind Flayer after all) and has her drink some of the elixir too. Illeah promptly throws up and passes out. The Mychonids say that she is under the influence of a Mind Flayer; they say they can help her but they need to work with her somewhere safer. The group agrees to follow them. They lead the group to a room hidden by fungus (the group is told not to touch the fungus). The oldest(?) Mychonid sees to Illeah. He brings a liter of some kind of elixir for Illeah to drink. Illeah begins to come around. She no longer thinks she knows any Mind Flayers. The Mychonid asks if anyone in the group knows how to fix humans (as they happen to have a broken one), Illeah tells him she does. They Mychonids bring her to a room and inside there is a man with several Drow arrows stuck in him. They Mychonids have been trying to “fix” him but have been failing miserably. Illeah fixes him up. When he comes to he tells the group his name is Talbot. He came to the Underdark to find treasure (he found Drow instead). He ran into the Mychonids during his travels. He tried to wear one as a hat to blend in but clearly the Drow were not fooled (he also admitted to eating a few of them, but don’t tell the Mychonids).

Illeah decides to scry on Emmet, she sees him in a bar drinking and chatting away with several Mind Flayers. One of the Mind Flayers sees Illeah scrying so she stops. The party decides to try going to the Drow city to find Kor/Emmet. They give Talbot a choice: he can try to find his own way out (which was working SO well for him before), or he can come with the group to try and save their friends. He chooses to go with the group. Thorbin talks to the Mychonids about where to find the Mind Flayers, they say the Drow will know more than they do. Thorbin offers the groups services to the Mychonids to thank them for their hospitality. They tell her that the nicest thing they could do right now is to leave quietly. The Mychonids give the group a map.

The group travels for a while and then rest. On Sophia‘s watch she hears something, she wakes up the Dwarves first. There are 3 creatures attacking. They have faces like a fly’s with dragging arms. Eventually the group defeats the monsters and return to bed. The next day while traveling the group is attacked by a black ooze, Sophia attacks it with her magic dagger but it disintegrates (she’s not terribly sad about it). Thorbin tries to hit it, wherever the ooze is hit it splits. Illeah discovers that it doesn’t seem to like fire. Thorbin loses her Katana to the ooze. Eventually the ooze is burned away by Illeah and Zeeboo.

Mushroom Men and Mind Flayers
oh my!

Thorbin goes to see what could have drawn a sword behind them. He sees two Drow. He returns to the group to inform them. As the group discuses their next move a shot is fired and strikes Zeeboo. He cries out “Ow! What the….” and falls unconscious. Oskar has had enough talking and makes a charge down the hall only to be hit by another arrow and pass out. More Drow begin to appear. Illeah gives Zeeboo and Oskar potions to counteract the Drow poison. Emmet casts daylight on a boulder and attempts to throw it towards the Drow to even the playing field. Sadly, Emmet fumbles the boulder and it lands next to a previously hidden Thorbin. Sophia blows the horn of good and her and Thorbin begin to move down the hallway. Zeeboo throws a fireball down the hall killing 3 Drow, but he is soon shot by another arrow and passes out again. Emmet makes himself very strong and then transforms into a fire giant. He completely obliterates the Drow he is fighting. Sophia is hit with an arrow as well and passes out. Thorbin moves in and finishes the final Drow. Illeah wake up Zeeboo and Sophia. Emmet tries to scry for Kor, he sees a very beaten up Kor in a small room. The group search through the fallen Drow and find some Drow poison and a pendant with two crossed arrows on it. The group decides to leave this area, to keep the little building a secret Illeah turns mud back into stone and the group head further into the Underdark.

After 8 hours the group must rest. Thorbin and Sophia each take watch. When the group has rested they begin to travel again. Sophia, Illeah, and Thorbin hear noises coming from a tunnel on the right. It sounds like plodding footsteps. Thorbin goes to investigate. It seems the noise is being made by mushroom people, Myconids. They are harvesting fungus off the wall of the tunnel. Illeah checks out the fungus while Thorbin and Zeeboo go to try and communicate with the Myconids. Zeeboo moves closer to them and they start to freak out, he tries to tell them the group means them no harm. The Myconids release some sort of substance that Zeeboo inhales, he can now communicate with them. He asks them about Kor. They tell him they don’t know what humans look like so they aren’t sure if they’ve seen him. Zeeboo points out Emmet and Sophia and explains that they are humans. The Myconids are concerned that Sophia is disfigured due to the large bumps on her chest. The Myconids say that they have not seen any other humans in the Underdark but they have heard that the Drow often bring them down to their cities. Zeeboo asks where the nearest Drow city is (to avoid it of course). They Myconids give him a general direction.

Emmet has the sudden uncontrollable desire to hug the Myconids, he thinks that they will really enjoy it. The Myconids freak out. Thorbin must step in and hold Emmet down. Zeeboo notices a gnome standing next to him that looks strangely like Emmet. Understandably confused he asks where this new gnome came from. The gnome says that he is Emmet and that him and Zeeboo are brothers. When Zeeboo points out the human Emmet being held back by Thorbin the gnome Emmet tells him there is no one there. Sophia really wants to be helpful so she pulls out a knife and goes towards where the Myconids are scraping the wall to help them. They freak out more. Illeah manages to convince her that she should help further away. As Sophia turns to move away from the Myconids she sees Benar. She tells him they know Kor is somewhere in a room. Illeah asks her who she is talking to, " Benar " tells her they can’t trust Illeah and they should knock her out. Sophia says they need to talk to Oskar about that (since he will have to carry her if she is unconscious). Gnome Emmet tells Zeeboo that they should test if human Emmet is there by casting some really destructive spell at him. Thorbin and Emmet keep telling Zeeboo he is talking to no one. " Benar " gets " Naibor " to show up. Emmet tells Sophia to have " Naibor " get Kor for them. " Benar " acts like he is scrying on Kor and suddenly, " Kor " is there. Illeah uses some Drow poison to knock Sophia and Zeeboo out. Emmet tries to detect thoughts. Someone else’s thoughts are in the room.

Just then, a mind flayer shows up. Emmet and Illeah think he is an old friend. Thorbin and Oskar try to move in to attack but there is a wall of force between them and the mind flayer and their friends. Thorbin tries using the anti magic sphere but to no avail. Oskar takes out the strange crossbow but the mind flayer makes sure to keep Emmet between them. The mind flayer asks Illeah and Emmet many questions, eventually getting them to admit to having Pratt’s journal. They say they can only show it to Kor. The mind flayer informs them that he knows who Kor is and where he is right now. The mind flayer wants to take Illeah and Emmet to Kor. They don’t want to leave the others behind. Emmet says he will go with the mind flayer and Illeah can wake up Zeeboo and Sophia and then gives Illeah the rod of negation so she can get the wall of force down. The mind flayer takes Emmet and leaves.

The Elven Forest and The Underdark

Forest Fires and the Underdark

The group is turned into various birds (and one bat) and flies into the Elven wood.  Emmet transports the group closer.  The group flies until they see a fireball that is quickly put out.  The group heads towards that area.   They find a bunch of Elves.  Illeah turns back into her normal form.  The Elves see her and ask what she is doing in the forest.  She tells them her and the group are there to help; they don't trust her or the group.  Thorbin, Sophia, and Maluna remain birds while the others turn back.  Illeah tells them that the group has heard that the Verhovians are looking for a tower underground in the woods.  Suddenly the number of Elves grows dramatically.  They tie up the group and take them to a large tree building and lead them to a room.  Thorbin changes back into a dwarf.  The group sits down.

Soon, some Elves come in.  One is clearly older than the others.  The older Elf asks Illeah why the group has come.  She tells him they wanted to try and save the forest and that she has no love for the Verhovians.  He gives her an oak branch that prevents her from talking.  He now asks Thorbin why the group is there.  Thorbin tells him the same thing Illeah told him, he adds that they are trying to save the world.  The older Elf moves on to Emmet.  He tells the Elf that the group is looking for a tower.  The Elf asks about the group.  Emmet tells him the names and gives detailed descriptions of everyone in the group including Maluna.  Seeing that Emmet is a fount of information the older Elf presses him further.  He wants to know where the tower is.  Emmet tells him it's underground.  He asks why the Verhovians want the tower.  Emmet tells him that it will open a portal to the Far Realm.

The older Elf unrolls some parchments and shows them to Emmet and asks him if he recognizes them.  Many have circles of protection on them.  Some have designs for the tower the group blew up in VerhoviaIlleah turns Sophia back in to a human.  Sophia asks the Elf about Kor.  He says that Kor was in the forest recently.  He went into the Underdark alone.  

Illeah shows the Elf the schematic for the device the group found.  He rolls out another scroll.  it looks like a schematic of a city with a giant circle of containment around it.  Illeah recognizes the city is the Cythian Empire's capital.  There are also some notes in Draconic.  They say that there is a summon gate spell in the circle.  The group realizes that once the the portal is opened, Verhovia will send the monsters to the city to destroy it.  The group wants to follow Kor into the Underdark.  Emmet sends Maluna home and the Elf shows the group where Kor entered the Underdark.

The group put Oskar in front and begins their decent.  After walking around for a while, the group sees a skeletal human arm in the rubble.  Illeah investigates, there is a full skeleton.  He appears to have been crushed by a rock fall.  He seems to have been a thief.  He has two golden statues with swords and some gold coins.  The group decides to sleep for the night

The next day, as the group travels they hear a click. Emmet has sprung a trap.  The rest of the group avoids it, but Emmet takes the full brunt.  Deciding they don't want to set off anymore traps, Illeah summons a badger to scout out ahead.  He finds nothing.  Zeeboo trips on a rock and stumbles upon some kind of magic glowing wall.  There is a small crack in the wall leading into a chamber.  Illeah turns stone to mud so the group can investigate.  They now have access to a larger room that leads down to a magic glowing building. Illeah summons a cat.  The cat checks out the building.  Nothing seems to happen to it. The group ties a rope to Emmet and he goes in.  He sees a throne with a Lizard like creature in it.  The Lizard has a ring that is glowing and appears to be making the whole building glow.  Emmet gets closer to him.  The guy looks almost mummified.  Emmet takes the ring.

The group hears something back where Illeah turned stone to mud.  It sounds like a sword being unsheathed.

Black Dragons and Forest Fires

The group decides to gather some information before leaving to help the Elves.  Emmet goes into the forest, while there, he befriends a black dragon.  Emmet scrys on the Elven forest.  He sees smoke and fireballs launching into the forest.  Illeah talks with the merchants.  One tells her that there are a few refuges making it out of the war torn area.  Illeah searches around and finds a refuge in town.  The refuge is an Elven woman named Valerie who escaped the fires, she is badly burned.  She tells Illeah the forest is surrounded while Illeah heals her burns.

Sophia goes back to the house.  She hears someone in the kitchen.  She goes to check out the noise.  There are two people, one is Benar (who appears to be drunk) and one is Naibor.  The rest of the group soon comes home.  Drunk Benar asks where the group has been and what they've been doing.  Sophia lets slip that they went to the Far Realm in front of Naibor.  He looks terrified.  Emmet takes him outside to distract him with his new black dragon friend, Maluna.  As the group talk with Benar they find out that Kor has been missing for 5 months.  He was researching the material plane tower when he disappeared.  Benar thinks Kor might be with the Elves, but it's hard to say since the Elves make it hard to scry on them.

The group hears Emmet yelling to Naibor about not casting something so they all go outside.  The group sees that Naibor is riding Maluna and has made her quite a bit larger.  Naibor tries to explain that the dragon wants friends, bigger friends!!  Illeah convinces him that larger black dragons will only draw attention to the town and the town has to stay a secret.  Naibor seems to understand this (but who knows if he really does).   Zeeboo and Emmet have an argument about the logistics of keeping the dragon.

Naibor makes a bunch of gold appear and gives it to the dragon, the gold has the symbol of the Dwarves on it.  After some convincing, he dragon and Naibor agree to send the treasure back to the Dwarves.  Maluna only agrees on the condition that she receives more treasure later.  Benar decides to pass out on the couch.

Sophia goes to see Oean.  She warns him about the black dragon.  He wants to know why the group isn't just killing it.  After the lengthy explanation about how it's Emmet's "friend", he still thinks it should just be killed.  She gives Oean the final instruction of making sure the dragon and Naibor are NEVER together.

Illeah goes back to talk with Valerie.  Illeah asks about how to scry in the Elven forest or a good way to get in.  Valerie suggests going in from the East, through the mountains, there is no good way to scry on the Elven forest.

The group must get supplies before they leave, unwilling to leave Naibor with a drunk Benar they take him with.  While getting supplies Naibor asks if the group wants him to wish Klay back to life.  Knowing what a debacle a wish can be, the group declines his offer.

Back at home Emmet gives Benar one of his crystal balls so they can communicate if need be. The group then ask Naibor to send them (and the dragon) to the North East of the town of Ithel Pass. (Hold Hands!)

Poof!  The group is now 1 mile North East of Ithel Pass.  Maluna (now also nicknamed "Moonbeam") tries to convince Emmet to help him manipulate Naibor into giving them everything they want.  Illeah turns into an eagle (with the clear understanding that Maluna will NOT eat her) and scouts the area.  Ithel Pass is full of Verhovians.  In the mountains she can see troops moving through a pass, 50 to 100 men.  On the other side of the mountain there are roughly 100,000 troops (or a Messton, if you want to be technical).  There are many encampments (a Buttload) and she sees a bunch of Trebuchets with people loading and firing them (Tons tons tons of people).  They seem to be firing farther than normal Trebuchets.  The fire is a few miles into the forest, some fires go out quickly.  Illeah tells the group what she has seen.

Old Friends, New Problems

Sophia sneaks up on Oean and jumps on his back.  He freaks out, rears up, and kicks the girl in the face.  Illeah tries to help the girl.  Sophia asks Oean how long it has been since they have seen him.  He tells her that it's been about 11 months.  Oean says he name dropped the group when he got to Vanslet and Brownson made him sheriff.

Illeah talks to the girl, Penelope.  She warns her about Oean's past.  The group agrees that Illeah, Emmet, Penelope, and Oean  should go to the temple and get various things dealt with.  The others will go to their house in town.

In town, the rest of the group goes to their home.  On the door there is a plaque.  It has Oean's name on it and something about being the defender of the people.  Thorbin takes it down.  Inside, there seems to have been some redecorating.  The house has a gaudy feel to it now, just Oean's style.  The stairs are also in bad repair (like a horse has been falling down them for a few months), and a bedroom upstairs has been converted into a stable of sorts.  The group tries to find the angry Kor construct but they come up empty handed.  They even check their second safe house next door but still find no sign of the construct.  Soon, Illeah and Emmet come back.  The group inform them of their house guest and that they cannot find the Kor construct.

It is decided that someone must go talk to Brownson to find out what has been going on.  Sophia volunteers.  When Sophia gets to Brownson's house there are two guards outside, they do not want to let her in.  She is persuasive and they agree to go get Brownson.  When he see's who has come to talk to him he chastises the guards for not letting Sophia in.  Sophia asks Brownson about Oean.  He says that Oean showed up about 4 months ago and said he knew the group. Oean has been a fairly good sheriff so far (if only because he is intimidating).  Sophia informs Brownson that Oean is not exactly a friend and that he is in fact a thief and mentally deficient, but, if he's doing a good job, she guesses it's ok that he's sheriff.  It is not ok, however, that he has trashed the group's house.  Sophia asks about the Kor construct.  Brownson tells her that about 3 months ago the construct got out and started burning everything in sight.  With some help from Oean they eventually got it cornered and they put it in a metal box in the group's warehouse.  

Since the group has been gone for so long Sophia asks about the war.  Brownson tells her that Dulacis has fallen to Verhovia and that the Verhovians have surrounded the Elves and have started to burn their forest down.  Illeah will not be happy.

When Sophia returns to the house she tells them what she learned.  She takes Illeah aside and tells her the news about the Elves and their forest.  Illeah wants to leave IMMEDIATELY to right this wrong.  She is eventually convinced that the group needs to sleep before doing anything else.  She is given a few strong belts of liquor and she goes to bed.

The next day, the group go to the warehouse to see the Kor construct.  They unlock the case and remove some of the chains he is wrapped in.  The construct doesn't seem to be responding.  Emmet uses the construct (something personal to Kor) to scry for him.  Emmet can't find him.  Illeah tries as well.  When she cannot find him she tries scrying for Benar and Naibor but has no success.  Zeeboo even gives it a try with the same result.  The construct starts to move.  The group ask why they can't seem to scry on Kor, the construct says it doesn't know why.  The group ask it to send Naibor or Benar to them.  The construct says that they left but he doesn't know where they went.  Sophia thinks the construct doesn't sound quite right.  The group is suspicious.  The construct wants to know what the group has learned.  Zeeboo asks it when Kor met him Sophia and Illeah.  The construct doesn't answer.  Suddenly, it breaks its chains and shoots fire and lava at Illeah.  A fight begins.  Thorbin uses the anti magic sphere to stop him.  The group tips the construct over and puts the box over most of it.  Thorbin turns the anti magic ball off so that Emmet can try to scry for the user of the construct.  He sees a mind flayer controlling the Kor construct.  The mind flayer sees him and attacks through the construct.  Thorbin turns the anti magic ball back on and the group beat the construct to pieces with the help of Emmet's smash ball.

Desperate, the group must find someone to help them to not be insane and to help Emmet regain his memory.  They are left with one option, BrandonEmmet has Brandon's signature so he uses it to scry on him.  Emmet sees Brandon playing poker with a very sad man, naked man. The group figures out that the sad naked man is Timere (sad and naked because Brandon just cleaned him out).  Brandon notices the scry and back scrys EmmetEmmet tries to get him to help.  Emmet offers to let Brandon read Pratt's journal.

Brandon appears.  They ask Brandon to cure everyone's insanity and to help Emmet get his memory back.  They pay him handsomely (including the jar with a piece of flesh in it that will grow the eater a second evil head that knows a lot).  Brandon finds Benar with some scrying and passes a message from the group to him with telepathy.  He tells Benar about the tower with the Elves.  Before Brandon leaves he puts a mark on Zeeboo's forehead.  It says "chump".  Now the group needs to get to the Elves.

Um, was that thing Pratt?

A battle begins!  Since Klay is a pacifist he just tries to talk the men out of hurting him.  The group hears screams of "Ow! My Liver!" and decide they can't stand idly by.  Sadly, they were not quick enough and Klay has been killed.  2 of his foes pick up his body and take him away.  The group close in on the remaining enemy.  

The group decides to go after the two that took Klay's body.  Sophia checks for traps and Illeah opens the door they went through.  There is a staircase behind the door.  The group can hear the creatures talking.  Thorbin hears something tumbling down the stairs.  Illeah checks around the corner, there are several barrels rolling down the stairs and more of the enemy at the top of the stair case.  Sophia and Illeah see cracks in the barrels coming down the stairs.  Illeah uses flaming sphere on barrels.  They crack open and two creatures come out.  The creatures look like writing masses.  Zeeboo and Sophia recognize them as creatures they fought with earlier in their adventure.  They hell out to everyone not to let the creatures touch them.  Emmet manages to get touched anyway.  He starts to turn into something resembling the creatures.  

Kather decides he wants to take whats left of the barrels and start a little fire.

Oskar takes out the box that Brandon gave him earlier.  In the box is the strange crossbow.  Emmet manages to regain his form by "flexing his prettiness".  Emmet then puts up a wall of force to trap the creatures with a sphere of fire and some eagles.  Emmet summons a Formain Worker on the side of the wall with the creatures.  Illeah summons more eagles.  After the wall of force falls Zeeboo destroys the last of the creatures.

The group decides to go upstairs.  Illeah has the intense need to see Sophia every day.  Sophia decides that Zeeboo is amazing.  Oskar believes he has magical healing powers.  And Zeeboo believes he is a god.

The stairs lead to a door, past that door is a hallway that dead ends at a T juncture.  The group goes left.  There is a door on the left.  That room seems to be a work room.  The next room is a library.  The hallway turns.  Emmet goes around the corner and suddenly all his other personalities go away, but, he has amnesia.  Just before going around the corner, Emmet polymorphed into a Troll.  He is quite confused.

The group decide to back up the the T point.  They go down the last remaining hallway.  The next door they go in to has a table with papers and parts of bodies on it.  Illeah thinks they are making glolums.  Behind the next door is a lounge.  In the lounge there are a bunch of very nice bottles of liquor.  The group help themselves.  

Deciding they need to find any hidden doors NOW, Sophia volunteers to take the sword.  The sword finds a hidden door in the floor.  Thorbin brings the anti-magic ball by Sophia and she puts the sword down.  Zeeboo casts open on the hidden door.  It opens to a small storage compartment, inside is a sack.  Sophia takes the sword again.  The sword has wised up and puts a wall of force between it and the anti-magic ball Thorbin is holding. Sophia then leaves the room.  Zeeboo takes the sphere and dimension doors out from behind the wall to follow Sophia.  The sword finds another door.  Zeeboo turns on the sphere and Sophia drops the sword again.  Illeah opens the door.  There seems to be a small study room.  There is a journal on the table in the room.  Illeah wraps the journal in some cloth and puts it in her bag.  Sophia is given the sword again.  This time she goes into the golum making room.  The sword starts hacking at the golum parts declaring them an abomination.  Eventually the sword is convinced that the body parts are 100% dead and that it should look for a hidden door.  At the end of the hallway the sword finds a hidden door.  The anti-magic sphere is used and Sophia drops the sword again.  

Thorbin opens the door.  Inside he sees more of the spider face guys and more of the writhing mass creatures.  Thorbin closes the door.  It is decided that this is the perfect time to leave the Far Realm.  Zeeboo uses the tuning fork and the scroll of gate to open a portal.  Emmet is the last one through.  As he leaves he turns and sees a large man in full black plate mail.  

Illeah brings Emmet to the temple for some restoration (flexing that pretty takes a lot out of a man!).  The rest of the group go to the house in Vanslet that they normally use, hey want to talk to the angry Kor construct and get Naibor to help "wish away!" the insanity.  On the way they hear horse hooves approaching them.  It's Oean.  He is wearing armor, has a woman under his arm and a sheriff's badge on his chest.  This can't be good.


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