Dulacis Kingdom

Black Dragons and Forest Fires

The group decides to gather some information before leaving to help the Elves.  Emmet goes into the forest, while there, he befriends a black dragon.  Emmet scrys on the Elven forest.  He sees smoke and fireballs launching into the forest.  Illeah talks with the merchants.  One tells her that there are a few refuges making it out of the war torn area.  Illeah searches around and finds a refuge in town.  The refuge is an Elven woman named Valerie who escaped the fires, she is badly burned.  She tells Illeah the forest is surrounded while Illeah heals her burns.

Sophia goes back to the house.  She hears someone in the kitchen.  She goes to check out the noise.  There are two people, one is Benar (who appears to be drunk) and one is Naibor.  The rest of the group soon comes home.  Drunk Benar asks where the group has been and what they've been doing.  Sophia lets slip that they went to the Far Realm in front of Naibor.  He looks terrified.  Emmet takes him outside to distract him with his new black dragon friend, Maluna.  As the group talk with Benar they find out that Kor has been missing for 5 months.  He was researching the material plane tower when he disappeared.  Benar thinks Kor might be with the Elves, but it's hard to say since the Elves make it hard to scry on them.

The group hears Emmet yelling to Naibor about not casting something so they all go outside.  The group sees that Naibor is riding Maluna and has made her quite a bit larger.  Naibor tries to explain that the dragon wants friends, bigger friends!!  Illeah convinces him that larger black dragons will only draw attention to the town and the town has to stay a secret.  Naibor seems to understand this (but who knows if he really does).   Zeeboo and Emmet have an argument about the logistics of keeping the dragon.

Naibor makes a bunch of gold appear and gives it to the dragon, the gold has the symbol of the Dwarves on it.  After some convincing, he dragon and Naibor agree to send the treasure back to the Dwarves.  Maluna only agrees on the condition that she receives more treasure later.  Benar decides to pass out on the couch.

Sophia goes to see Oean.  She warns him about the black dragon.  He wants to know why the group isn't just killing it.  After the lengthy explanation about how it's Emmet's "friend", he still thinks it should just be killed.  She gives Oean the final instruction of making sure the dragon and Naibor are NEVER together.

Illeah goes back to talk with Valerie.  Illeah asks about how to scry in the Elven forest or a good way to get in.  Valerie suggests going in from the East, through the mountains, there is no good way to scry on the Elven forest.

The group must get supplies before they leave, unwilling to leave Naibor with a drunk Benar they take him with.  While getting supplies Naibor asks if the group wants him to wish Klay back to life.  Knowing what a debacle a wish can be, the group declines his offer.

Back at home Emmet gives Benar one of his crystal balls so they can communicate if need be. The group then ask Naibor to send them (and the dragon) to the North East of the town of Ithel Pass. (Hold Hands!)

Poof!  The group is now 1 mile North East of Ithel Pass.  Maluna (now also nicknamed "Moonbeam") tries to convince Emmet to help him manipulate Naibor into giving them everything they want.  Illeah turns into an eagle (with the clear understanding that Maluna will NOT eat her) and scouts the area.  Ithel Pass is full of Verhovians.  In the mountains she can see troops moving through a pass, 50 to 100 men.  On the other side of the mountain there are roughly 100,000 troops (or a Messton, if you want to be technical).  There are many encampments (a Buttload) and she sees a bunch of Trebuchets with people loading and firing them (Tons tons tons of people).  They seem to be firing farther than normal Trebuchets.  The fire is a few miles into the forest, some fires go out quickly.  Illeah tells the group what she has seen.



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