Dulacis Kingdom

Drink the Kool-Aid

The two undead return to the Drow City and find the new Matron of the 2 sword house. They show her the map. Thorbin asks for help rescuing Kor and Emmet. She gives them a chest with skeletons on it, it seems to move every once in a while. She asks that they let her know before they open it. They bring the chest back. The group forms a plan. An hour after Thorbin and Talbot leave Illeah will scry on the Matron to let her know they are opening the chest. Zeeboo will cast invisibility on the two undead and the chest. Thorbin and Talbot will take the chest in to the heavily protected center of the Mind flayer city and open it there.

Once our two undead heroes arrive at the center of the Mind flayer city they tie a rope to the lid of the chest and get as far from it as they can and open it with the rope. A Skeleton gets out of the chest carrying a sword. Soon another, and another. They seem to be leaving the chest about every two seconds. One of the Mind flayers sees the Skeletons and begins to freak out. The Skeletons start to attack. Thorbin and Talbot head towards the prison. The rest of the group enter the Mind flayer city. They smell burning and see a lot of dead slaves pierced with Drow arrows.

Talbot finds Emmet and tries to get him out of his cell. Emmet refuses to leave without his pictures. Thorbin has found Kor and she removes the device on his head. Kor seems really out of it but can comply to simple commands and walks out mostly on his own power. She takes him to where the two pillars are and waits for the rest of the group to arrive. The others soon arrive and begin trying to find a way around the pillars. Illeah pulls a rat out of her bag to test the pillars vs. animals. The rat explodes. Thorbin tries the anti magic sphere. Illeah pulls out a cat next. It explodes. Illeah turns stone to mud and makes a path around the pillars. She pull another cat out of the bag and sends it through the path. It arrives on the other side unharmed. Thorbin and Kor take Illeah’s path.

The group head outside of the building and are ready to make run for it. Emmet, however, is not ready to leave his new Mind flayer friends (or rather they are not ready for him to leave). He feels an overwhelming need to say good bye to them and let them meet his friends before he goes. Thorbin and Illeah both try to take him down with Drow poison but he doesn’t seem phased. Thorbin has had quite enough of Emmet and starts trying to knock him out. Sophia tries to offer him “fun times” if he just leaves right now. Emmet cannot be swayed from his quest to say good by to his Mind flayer friends. Sophia reminds him that Maluna probably misses him. Emmet agrees and turns into a black dragon. He still wants to say good bye to the Mind flayers. Sophia tells Emmet she is allergic to Mind flayers. He picks her up. Illeah casts Fire Storm in the middle of the approaching Mind flayers. Emmet picks Illeah up as well and then flies to the top of the cavern and drops both the women he is holding. Illeah casts Air Walk on Sophia and then wild shapes into a bird. The Mind flayers tell Emmet to grab Thorbin next. Emmet swoops in and tries to land on Thorbin who then stabs him with a Drow poisoned dagger. Emmet passes out and returns to his human form.

There is a lot of commotion approaching. There are a bunch of Mind flayers carrying something. It seems to be the Elder Brain. It is defending itself with long tendrils of some kind. They seem to be moving it to safety. Deciding that this seems way to dangerous Thorbin finds the cube of gate on Emmet and picks the white side. A gate opens to a small demi plane with a little shack. The group go through the portal.

Illeah uses some restorative spells on Kor to try and snap him out of whatever funk he is in. The group hear mumbling. They see an ethereal man. Emmet puts on his ring of blinking, the man sees him and charges at him screaming “I’ll kill you Pratt!!”. Thorbin steps in and attacks the ethereal man. The man’s attacks make Thorbin feel fantastic. Illeah turns into a cat, which Emmet immediately picks up and starts petting. Thorbin lands a hit on the ethereal man and he disappears. The group go inside the little shack. It seems larger on the inside than on the outside. The ethereal man reappears at the window and is glaring at them. Illeah, Zeeboo, Oskar, Kor and Emmet go to sleep. Thorbin and Sophia keep watch and Talbot does some exploring/stealing. He finds some books about the Far Realm. He finds some gloves as well. He takes all of them.

After resting the group start checking the other sides of the cube of gate. The green side leads to some lovely green rolling fields. The purple side leads to a black spire in the Outlands. The red side leads to a swirling mass of stuff. The blue side leads to Mechanis, and the orange side leads to a flat surface that looks like part of a cube. On that plane there is a guy wearing full plate covered in blood. The group explore the shack next. It seems to have definitely belonged to Pratt. Illeah finds another pair of magic gloves. Talbot decides he wants to go outside and talk to the ethereal guy. They man walks up to him and luges for Talbot‘s pocket where the magic gloves are stashed. Talbot manages to avoid him and eventually makes it back to the shack. Zeeboo asks to see what is in Talbot’s pocket. He starts identifying the gloves and Kor starts reading the books about the Far Realm. Illeah and Sophia start reading notes in the study and Talbot goes outside to keep tormenting the ethereal man.

Zeeboo can only tell that the gloves are gloves of congeration. Sophia volunteers to put them on. When she does there is a bright light and the gloves disappear leaving glowing runes on her wrists. She now feels like she can do things she couldn’t do before and she goes outside. She attempts to cast fireball. It works! She tries lightning. Success! Illeah suggests she try casting a gate to take them back to Vanslet. She does. Zeeboo can only be described as seething at the this new development. The group goes through the gate. Promptly upon arriving all of Sophia’s teeth fallout and become bugs. She grows new sharp teeth with many rows. Zeeboo feels vindicated and Sophia no longer like her new powers.

In Vanslet, the group notice a lot of people wearing black and purple robes. Emmet goes to see Maluna. She seems excited to see him. She tells him that she’s found a way to get all the treasure she wants without killing a single person. She has started a cult! She did one or two “miracles” and every one started worshiping her. Soon there is the sound of coins hitting stone and she takes Emmet to see the daily “offering”. She brings him to a spot underneath a well in town, people are throwing gold coins in for their “goddess”. Emmet, who is not fully recovered from his run in with the Mind flayers, doesn’t know better so he thinks this is the best thing ever. Maluna offers to make him high priest of her cult. Meanwhile, Illeah visits the temple of Pelor. They are running low on funds as now every one who comes to the city comes to see the “goddess”. She even has processionals on occasion. Illeah, is displeased.



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