Dulacis Kingdom

Mushroom Men and Mind Flayers

oh my!

Thorbin goes to see what could have drawn a sword behind them. He sees two Drow. He returns to the group to inform them. As the group discuses their next move a shot is fired and strikes Zeeboo. He cries out “Ow! What the….” and falls unconscious. Oskar has had enough talking and makes a charge down the hall only to be hit by another arrow and pass out. More Drow begin to appear. Illeah gives Zeeboo and Oskar potions to counteract the Drow poison. Emmet casts daylight on a boulder and attempts to throw it towards the Drow to even the playing field. Sadly, Emmet fumbles the boulder and it lands next to a previously hidden Thorbin. Sophia blows the horn of good and her and Thorbin begin to move down the hallway. Zeeboo throws a fireball down the hall killing 3 Drow, but he is soon shot by another arrow and passes out again. Emmet makes himself very strong and then transforms into a fire giant. He completely obliterates the Drow he is fighting. Sophia is hit with an arrow as well and passes out. Thorbin moves in and finishes the final Drow. Illeah wake up Zeeboo and Sophia. Emmet tries to scry for Kor, he sees a very beaten up Kor in a small room. The group search through the fallen Drow and find some Drow poison and a pendant with two crossed arrows on it. The group decides to leave this area, to keep the little building a secret Illeah turns mud back into stone and the group head further into the Underdark.

After 8 hours the group must rest. Thorbin and Sophia each take watch. When the group has rested they begin to travel again. Sophia, Illeah, and Thorbin hear noises coming from a tunnel on the right. It sounds like plodding footsteps. Thorbin goes to investigate. It seems the noise is being made by mushroom people, Myconids. They are harvesting fungus off the wall of the tunnel. Illeah checks out the fungus while Thorbin and Zeeboo go to try and communicate with the Myconids. Zeeboo moves closer to them and they start to freak out, he tries to tell them the group means them no harm. The Myconids release some sort of substance that Zeeboo inhales, he can now communicate with them. He asks them about Kor. They tell him they don’t know what humans look like so they aren’t sure if they’ve seen him. Zeeboo points out Emmet and Sophia and explains that they are humans. The Myconids are concerned that Sophia is disfigured due to the large bumps on her chest. The Myconids say that they have not seen any other humans in the Underdark but they have heard that the Drow often bring them down to their cities. Zeeboo asks where the nearest Drow city is (to avoid it of course). They Myconids give him a general direction.

Emmet has the sudden uncontrollable desire to hug the Myconids, he thinks that they will really enjoy it. The Myconids freak out. Thorbin must step in and hold Emmet down. Zeeboo notices a gnome standing next to him that looks strangely like Emmet. Understandably confused he asks where this new gnome came from. The gnome says that he is Emmet and that him and Zeeboo are brothers. When Zeeboo points out the human Emmet being held back by Thorbin the gnome Emmet tells him there is no one there. Sophia really wants to be helpful so she pulls out a knife and goes towards where the Myconids are scraping the wall to help them. They freak out more. Illeah manages to convince her that she should help further away. As Sophia turns to move away from the Myconids she sees Benar. She tells him they know Kor is somewhere in a room. Illeah asks her who she is talking to, " Benar " tells her they can’t trust Illeah and they should knock her out. Sophia says they need to talk to Oskar about that (since he will have to carry her if she is unconscious). Gnome Emmet tells Zeeboo that they should test if human Emmet is there by casting some really destructive spell at him. Thorbin and Emmet keep telling Zeeboo he is talking to no one. " Benar " gets " Naibor " to show up. Emmet tells Sophia to have " Naibor " get Kor for them. " Benar " acts like he is scrying on Kor and suddenly, " Kor " is there. Illeah uses some Drow poison to knock Sophia and Zeeboo out. Emmet tries to detect thoughts. Someone else’s thoughts are in the room.

Just then, a mind flayer shows up. Emmet and Illeah think he is an old friend. Thorbin and Oskar try to move in to attack but there is a wall of force between them and the mind flayer and their friends. Thorbin tries using the anti magic sphere but to no avail. Oskar takes out the strange crossbow but the mind flayer makes sure to keep Emmet between them. The mind flayer asks Illeah and Emmet many questions, eventually getting them to admit to having Pratt’s journal. They say they can only show it to Kor. The mind flayer informs them that he knows who Kor is and where he is right now. The mind flayer wants to take Illeah and Emmet to Kor. They don’t want to leave the others behind. Emmet says he will go with the mind flayer and Illeah can wake up Zeeboo and Sophia and then gives Illeah the rod of negation so she can get the wall of force down. The mind flayer takes Emmet and leaves.



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