Dulacis Kingdom

Mychonids are Friends Not Food


Zeeboo and Sophia are woken up. Sadly, they are still seeing their hallucinations. Gnome Emmet points out to Zeeboo that human Emmet is gone. " Benar " tries to prove that he is there by using a “fireball” on Illeah. In reality, Sophia throws some alchemist fire on her. Illeah tries to stick Sophia and Zeeboo with a Drow poisoned hair stick, but it doesn’t seem to affect them. Thorbin ties up Sophia (this way " Benar " will really have to throw a fireball next time) and then tries to grapple Zeeboo. Zeeboo is quite squirrely and almost gets away. Illeah turns into a griffin so people will stop setting her on fire. Sophia, however, sees " Naibor " turn Illeah into a griffin. Oskar, trying to reason with Sophia, points out that if Benar, Naibor, and Kor were there he would be able to sense them. Sophia sees the sense in this and asks " Benar " why Oskar can’t sense them. " Benar " then asks " Naibor " to make Oskar invisible. Sophia can no longer see or hear Oskar. Thorbin tells her that she can still see Oskar, he’s still there. Zeeboo confirms this. Sophia tells Zeeboo that there are only two possibilities in this situation. Either both of them are crazy, or everyone but one of them is crazy. Even given their recent experiences in the Far Realm, it seems more likely that just two of them are crazy. " Naibor " makes Oskar “come back”. " Benar " unties Sophia (she’s just really good at getting out of knots, trick of the trade you know). Thorbin decides she needs a break from the crazy and goes to check the hallway.

In the hall she hears something; she goes to check it out. She sees two Mychonids. She soon feels very relaxed. The Mychonids tell her that they might be responsible for Sophia and Zeeboo‘s madness. When they are in distress they have a hallucinogen that they release as a defense mechanism. She asks if they can reverse it. They say they can and go back to the group with Thorbin. They give Sophia and Zeeboo an elixir. " Benar " , " Naibor " , " Kor " , and gnome Emmet all disappear. Thorbin wants to make sure Illeah isn’t also insane (she did say she was buddies with a Mind Flayer after all) and has her drink some of the elixir too. Illeah promptly throws up and passes out. The Mychonids say that she is under the influence of a Mind Flayer; they say they can help her but they need to work with her somewhere safer. The group agrees to follow them. They lead the group to a room hidden by fungus (the group is told not to touch the fungus). The oldest(?) Mychonid sees to Illeah. He brings a liter of some kind of elixir for Illeah to drink. Illeah begins to come around. She no longer thinks she knows any Mind Flayers. The Mychonid asks if anyone in the group knows how to fix humans (as they happen to have a broken one), Illeah tells him she does. They Mychonids bring her to a room and inside there is a man with several Drow arrows stuck in him. They Mychonids have been trying to “fix” him but have been failing miserably. Illeah fixes him up. When he comes to he tells the group his name is Talbot. He came to the Underdark to find treasure (he found Drow instead). He ran into the Mychonids during his travels. He tried to wear one as a hat to blend in but clearly the Drow were not fooled (he also admitted to eating a few of them, but don’t tell the Mychonids).

Illeah decides to scry on Emmet, she sees him in a bar drinking and chatting away with several Mind Flayers. One of the Mind Flayers sees Illeah scrying so she stops. The party decides to try going to the Drow city to find Kor/Emmet. They give Talbot a choice: he can try to find his own way out (which was working SO well for him before), or he can come with the group to try and save their friends. He chooses to go with the group. Thorbin talks to the Mychonids about where to find the Mind Flayers, they say the Drow will know more than they do. Thorbin offers the groups services to the Mychonids to thank them for their hospitality. They tell her that the nicest thing they could do right now is to leave quietly. The Mychonids give the group a map.

The group travels for a while and then rest. On Sophia‘s watch she hears something, she wakes up the Dwarves first. There are 3 creatures attacking. They have faces like a fly’s with dragging arms. Eventually the group defeats the monsters and return to bed. The next day while traveling the group is attacked by a black ooze, Sophia attacks it with her magic dagger but it disintegrates (she’s not terribly sad about it). Thorbin tries to hit it, wherever the ooze is hit it splits. Illeah discovers that it doesn’t seem to like fire. Thorbin loses her Katana to the ooze. Eventually the ooze is burned away by Illeah and Zeeboo.



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