Dulacis Kingdom

Old Friends, New Problems

Sophia sneaks up on Oean and jumps on his back.  He freaks out, rears up, and kicks the girl in the face.  Illeah tries to help the girl.  Sophia asks Oean how long it has been since they have seen him.  He tells her that it's been about 11 months.  Oean says he name dropped the group when he got to Vanslet and Brownson made him sheriff.

Illeah talks to the girl, Penelope.  She warns her about Oean's past.  The group agrees that Illeah, Emmet, Penelope, and Oean  should go to the temple and get various things dealt with.  The others will go to their house in town.

In town, the rest of the group goes to their home.  On the door there is a plaque.  It has Oean's name on it and something about being the defender of the people.  Thorbin takes it down.  Inside, there seems to have been some redecorating.  The house has a gaudy feel to it now, just Oean's style.  The stairs are also in bad repair (like a horse has been falling down them for a few months), and a bedroom upstairs has been converted into a stable of sorts.  The group tries to find the angry Kor construct but they come up empty handed.  They even check their second safe house next door but still find no sign of the construct.  Soon, Illeah and Emmet come back.  The group inform them of their house guest and that they cannot find the Kor construct.

It is decided that someone must go talk to Brownson to find out what has been going on.  Sophia volunteers.  When Sophia gets to Brownson's house there are two guards outside, they do not want to let her in.  She is persuasive and they agree to go get Brownson.  When he see's who has come to talk to him he chastises the guards for not letting Sophia in.  Sophia asks Brownson about Oean.  He says that Oean showed up about 4 months ago and said he knew the group. Oean has been a fairly good sheriff so far (if only because he is intimidating).  Sophia informs Brownson that Oean is not exactly a friend and that he is in fact a thief and mentally deficient, but, if he's doing a good job, she guesses it's ok that he's sheriff.  It is not ok, however, that he has trashed the group's house.  Sophia asks about the Kor construct.  Brownson tells her that about 3 months ago the construct got out and started burning everything in sight.  With some help from Oean they eventually got it cornered and they put it in a metal box in the group's warehouse.  

Since the group has been gone for so long Sophia asks about the war.  Brownson tells her that Dulacis has fallen to Verhovia and that the Verhovians have surrounded the Elves and have started to burn their forest down.  Illeah will not be happy.

When Sophia returns to the house she tells them what she learned.  She takes Illeah aside and tells her the news about the Elves and their forest.  Illeah wants to leave IMMEDIATELY to right this wrong.  She is eventually convinced that the group needs to sleep before doing anything else.  She is given a few strong belts of liquor and she goes to bed.

The next day, the group go to the warehouse to see the Kor construct.  They unlock the case and remove some of the chains he is wrapped in.  The construct doesn't seem to be responding.  Emmet uses the construct (something personal to Kor) to scry for him.  Emmet can't find him.  Illeah tries as well.  When she cannot find him she tries scrying for Benar and Naibor but has no success.  Zeeboo even gives it a try with the same result.  The construct starts to move.  The group ask why they can't seem to scry on Kor, the construct says it doesn't know why.  The group ask it to send Naibor or Benar to them.  The construct says that they left but he doesn't know where they went.  Sophia thinks the construct doesn't sound quite right.  The group is suspicious.  The construct wants to know what the group has learned.  Zeeboo asks it when Kor met him Sophia and Illeah.  The construct doesn't answer.  Suddenly, it breaks its chains and shoots fire and lava at Illeah.  A fight begins.  Thorbin uses the anti magic sphere to stop him.  The group tips the construct over and puts the box over most of it.  Thorbin turns the anti magic ball off so that Emmet can try to scry for the user of the construct.  He sees a mind flayer controlling the Kor construct.  The mind flayer sees him and attacks through the construct.  Thorbin turns the anti magic ball back on and the group beat the construct to pieces with the help of Emmet's smash ball.

Desperate, the group must find someone to help them to not be insane and to help Emmet regain his memory.  They are left with one option, BrandonEmmet has Brandon's signature so he uses it to scry on him.  Emmet sees Brandon playing poker with a very sad man, naked man. The group figures out that the sad naked man is Timere (sad and naked because Brandon just cleaned him out).  Brandon notices the scry and back scrys EmmetEmmet tries to get him to help.  Emmet offers to let Brandon read Pratt's journal.

Brandon appears.  They ask Brandon to cure everyone's insanity and to help Emmet get his memory back.  They pay him handsomely (including the jar with a piece of flesh in it that will grow the eater a second evil head that knows a lot).  Brandon finds Benar with some scrying and passes a message from the group to him with telepathy.  He tells Benar about the tower with the Elves.  Before Brandon leaves he puts a mark on Zeeboo's forehead.  It says "chump".  Now the group needs to get to the Elves.



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