Dulacis Kingdom

Planer Travel and Dead Societies

The group wakes up.  Zeeboo polymorphs the engineer (Bezmar) into a human.  His movements are odd.  He wants the others polymorphed as well, group must stay another night so Zeeboo can prep more spells.  The next day Zeeboo polymorphs the other two and the group proceed to teach them all how to walk eat and drink.  The group stay another night.

One of the things in Emmet's bag of goodies was an elixer.  After reading the paperwork that came with it, Emmet decides to drink it.  He feels amazing!

Zeeboo stands on a box and the three newly polymorphed men are teaching him how to use the device.  They say it takes time for the machine to warm up.  The three call everyone into the ship.  The ship soon transports the group.  The ship starts to tip and falls over onto it's side.  Everyone files out of the ship.  The gravity here is much greater than on the material plane.  The landscape is pretty barren with lots of red dust and a few mountains.  The air is very heavy.  The three men still refuse to believe that their civilization is no more.  They begin to argue about where they are and where to go.  Illeah asks where they think the group is.  They say that they know there are on their plane and the spot where the group is standing used to be a city.  Illeah asks them where the device is that will take them to the Far Realm.  They say the structure is in the hills.

Zeeboo decides to check and see if there is anything left of the city that once stood on this spot.  Zeeboo changes into an earth elemental to check if the city is just underground.  After a few hundred feed down he finds a cavern.  He hears things moving.  The things look like giant praying mantises, they come after him.  Zeeboo heads straight up, but the mantises follow him.  Thorbin hears something coming up to the surface, it's not Zeeboo.  The mantis heads straight for Oskar.  The group begin their fight and have soon killed both monsters.  The group decide to fly towards the mountains both because it will be faster and because that keeps them away from crazy mantis monsters.

After 12 hours of flying the transformation spells wear off and the group must land and sleep.  When the group awakens it is dark.  the group decide to walk for a while.  After 6 hours and a 2 hour rest the group transform and fly for another 6 hours, the group then rests for 2 hours and continues to fly for 4 more hours.  The group must sleep again.  When they wake up the sun is out again.  the three tell them that it's 3 "sleeps" (8 hours) for night and three "sleeps" for day on their plane.  The group fly over the mountains, the group sees a city past the moutnain range.  The buildings are extremely shiny.  Sophia uses her goggles to take a colser look at the city.  It is in disrepair and she sees a large creature roaming the city.

Illeah spots a place in the mountains that seems to be carved out, the group lands there.  It is a cavern.  Thorbin goes in.  The cavern has a main room and several tunnels off of it.  There is a large half sphere in the main room.  Thorbin chooses the rightmost tunnel, it splits, one side dead ends and the other goes into a large room with 3 slabs of black metal with 3 spheres.  They form a triangle with a dip in the floor in the center.  One of the spheres is missing a large piece.  This set up looks a lot like the one in Pratt's notes.  In another tunnel Thorbin finds the remains of a man in a circle drawn on the ground.  He appears to be holding something.  Down yet another tunnel Thorbin finds several cylinder like containers. Thorbin returns to the group and tells them what he has found.

The three tell the group that the half sphere in the middle is the power souce.  the containers hold specimens from the Far Realm.  In the room with the Black stones and spheres there are more specimens, these are larger.  One seems to have escaped but one is still alive in it's container. The group are told that the things in the containers are very dangerous.  The three also show the group a strange tentacle like thing.  They say that a person can put it over their arm and have great strength with the tentacle but they tend to go mad.  Also it eats your arm.

Sophia hears a humming sound and then sees a small light approaching.  There is a loud pop and a flash.  Illeah and Zeeboo are on the ground, blinded and deaf.  Brandon's Lich mummy is there with Brandon minus most of his limbs.  The mummy puts him in a chair.  Emmet fixes Illeah an ZeebooBrandon tells them that he has pissed off the grown guys and they sent a very large dragon after him, hence his missing arms and legs.  Brandon says the reason the crown guys are pissed at him is because he discovered some information about them.  He has found out the location of the tower on the material plane.  The tower is with the elves, underground.  A place no one would think to look.  He has also found a diagram of how the tower portals will work, the opening will be permanent.

Brandon will head to Sigil (mostly to get new limbs).  He gives Oskar a box and tells him to kill as many crown guys as he can.  He tells the the group to try and meet him in Sigil.



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