Dulacis Kingdom

The Drow City

What have we gotten ourselves into now.....

The group continues to travel. After a few more days the group can see a light ahead. They stop to make a plan. Illeah and Zeeboo turn in to bats and fly down to the light (which they assume is a Drow City) and see what they can find out. Before he leaves Zeeboo casts a spell that gives the rest of the group an extrademensional mansion to stay in while the bats do recon.

The bats see that the city is split into three sections. After doing an overview of the first wedge they see one large building. That building has the mark of two swords with their blades crossed and pointing up on it. The second section has one large building as well. This appears to be a temple with a large spider symbol on it. The third section has one large house that has two arrows crossed that appear to be dripping with poison. This matches the amulet the group found on the Drow they had previously encountered. The bats return to the others.

It is decided that the city needs to be checked out in a more thorough manner. The group will probably need to talk to someone to figure out where the Mindflayers are. Since none of them speak Drow or know any of their customs it seems unwise to dress as Drow. Those that had remained behind while Illeah and Zeeboo scouted all speak Goblin. It is decided that Sophia, Thorbin, and Talbot will be transformed into Bugbears and Oskar will be a Gray Dwarf. They will go into the city and pose as slaves, they will bring the amulet they found with them in case it proves useful.

As the group (minus Illeah and Zeeboo) heads towards the city they seem to spring a trap. Oskar is unable to avoid it and is trapped in a block of ice. After using many fiery things and hitting the ice a lot, he is eventually freed. The group continue on to the city. When they arrive they are stopped by a Drow guard. Talbot and Oskar have weapons that are visible. The Drow take them. Sophia holds out the amulet and says that they belong to the people who wear that symbol. The Drow say they will take them to where they belong. The group fear that they are not being taken to “where they belong”

This proves to be a valid fear as they are brought to the house with the two swords instead of the house with the two arrows. The group is manhandled (or dwarfhandled in Oskar‘s case) and chained to the floor. A female Drow comes in. They group is asked their master’s name. They fail to remember. Sophia says their master was killed. Sophia tries to bluff their way out. Oskar is shot. Talbot is shot and beaten. Sophia keeps trying to talk their way out of the situation. Talbot tries to break his bonds. This earns him a sound beating. The group is given necklaces with bottles on them. They are questioned more about where their master is and why they are here. Talbot tries to break his bonds again, the bottle on his necklace breaks and he is now on fire. The Drow tells the group that they should tell the truth. A Drow strikes Sophia. She looses control and becomes a tentacle monster. A trap door opens beneath her and she falls into a pit. Talbot immediately starts talking. He tells the Drow everything he knows (which is mercifully little). The female Drow offers him some wine. He gladly takes it. He tells them the group is from the surface and they are looking for two of their friends. He also encourages the Drow to try not shooting first and asking questions later. The people on the surface might be more willing to trade with them if they did that. A lot of stuff has been invented and improved on the surface since they last talked with each other. He continues to drink wine.

Thorbin tells the Drow that they are in fact looking for two of their friends. They don’t know where one is but they know the other was taken by the Mindflayers a few days ago. They female Drow says that the group will be put in a cell and brought to the matriarch of the two arrows house. They are to try and kill her. She asks if any one in the group can use magical items. Sophia yells from the pit that she can. The group is lead to a large room, and pushed down some stairs. The door closes and the stairs disappear.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion. Illeah is becoming worried. She feels the group should have been back by now. Her and Zeeboo form a plan to go and check on their friends. Illeah turns into a beautiful Drow woman and then transforms herself into the largest spider she can. Zeeboo disguises himself and floats on the magic carpet right in front of Illeah. They enter the city is this fashion.

They get to a part of town with many Drow. As a sign of fealty, several Drow beat a smaller Drow to death with clubs to please the Spider. Eventually Illeah and Zeeboo get to the building with the two swords and go inside. Now that they have an audience with the Drow in the building Illeah drops her spider disguise and is a fiercely beautiful Drow woman. Zeeboo informs them that “His Lady” demands the return of property. They are looking for the slaves the son of the high priestess took (and the son of the high priestess). She tells them that the house of the two arrows is decadent and needs to be destroyed. Zeeboo demands to see evidence of the property before his dreaded Mistress will even hear her pleas.

Meanwhile, in a cell. The group is given back all their weapons and told to get ready. Thorbin is given a glove and told to use it on the Matron. The group is then brought before Zeeboo and Illeah by a giant Demon.



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