Dulacis Kingdom

The Thorbin and Talbot Undead Hour!

All undead, All the time!

Thorbin decides to also drink from the cup. She dies, and rises again. The group give the Lich Mind flayer another book of forbidden knowledge in exchange for a map to the Mind flayer city. Thorbin and Talbot take point an the group heads towards the Mind flayer city. After the living get tired they make camp in the inter planer mansion while the undead keep going. As they continue Thorbin hears someone down another tunnel, Talbot thinks it sounds like someone getting beaten. Thorbin sneaks down the tunnel to investigate. She sees a Mind with some slaves. He beats one and eats his brain. Our intrepid undead decide to leave this matter be and continue on their way to the Mind flayer city.

As they approach the city they hear talking. Soon they see a Mind flayer walk up to a group of people. They line up immediately. they begin to walk towards Thorbin and Talbot. They decide to test the waters, what will a Mind flayer do if they see an undead or two in the underdark? The answer is: Try to dominate their minds, fail, and then freak out. The Mind flayer sends it’s slaves after them and then disappears, leaving the slaves to fight this battle. Thorbin and Talbot fight for a while but they are rather out numbered and end up running away to meet up with the rest of the group to give them a progress report.

The next day it is decided that Thorbin and Talbot will need to return and do some more recon but will need to have a way to pass through the city without drawing ANY attention to themselves. Zeeboo turns them both into bats. Since they are unsure if Mind flayers can sense the minds of bats they must try to stay as hidden as they can even in their bat forms.

In the city they do a quick overview of what is there. It seems the area they were in the day before was only part of the city. There are several more sections to explore. They find the city center, housing, slave housing, two buildings with no windows and more heavily protected building surrounded by stone in the middle of the city. They decide to try and find the bar Emmet was in when they scryed on him. After some time they find it but Emmet is no longer there. They decide that the buildings with no windows might be a jail of some kind and that would be the best place to find Kor and Emmet at this point. Thorbin sneaks in and looks around a bit. She finds long hallways with doors that have small windows in them. She looks inside one and sees a Mind flayer with a human that has calipers on his head. She moves on, eventually she finds a hallway that connects the two buildings. There are two very strange looking pillars on either side of the passage. Many of the people in this wing are comatose. There are also Mind flayers in some of the cells (these cells look much nicer), this building might also be an asylum of sorts. Thorbin decides that she’s learned enough about this building for now and turns back to join Talbot. On the way back to the first building, Thorbin sees a man pick the lock on his cell and make a break for it. When he gets to the strange pillars, however, his head explodes.

Thorbin finds Talbot again, they decide they should go and report back to the group about what they have figured out. With this new information it is decided that the group should try to scry on Emmet and Kor to see if they might be in the jail or if they seem to be somewhere else. Illeah scrys on Emmet he appears to be in one of they asylum rooms, he is drawing, and it looks awful. He hangs in on the wall proudly with a bunch of equally terrible drawings. Illeah next tries to scry on Kor. The image is fuzzy but he seems to be in a cell with some kind of contraption on his head. The group decide to sleep for the night and then send the undead back in to specifically find Kor and Emmet.

The next day the undead bats set out again for the Mind flayer city. This time Talbot joins Thorbin in the jail in search of Emmet and Kor. Talbot takes the first building and Thorbin takes the second building. While Talbot is searching he runs into a Mind flayer. He turns tail and tries to hide, but the mind flayer finds him. Not knowing what else to do, he plays dead, and drops to the ground. The Mind flayer seems confused and stabs him a few times to make sure he’s dead (being undead, he is very convincing). Soon the Mind flayer leaves and Talbot can continue his search. He soon finds Emmet still drawing on the 4th level of the first building. Thorbin finds Kor in the 2nd sub level of the second building.



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