Dulacis Kingdom

Um, was that thing Pratt?


A battle begins!  Since Klay is a pacifist he just tries to talk the men out of hurting him.  The group hears screams of "Ow! My Liver!" and decide they can't stand idly by.  Sadly, they were not quick enough and Klay has been killed.  2 of his foes pick up his body and take him away.  The group close in on the remaining enemy.  

The group decides to go after the two that took Klay's body.  Sophia checks for traps and Illeah opens the door they went through.  There is a staircase behind the door.  The group can hear the creatures talking.  Thorbin hears something tumbling down the stairs.  Illeah checks around the corner, there are several barrels rolling down the stairs and more of the enemy at the top of the stair case.  Sophia and Illeah see cracks in the barrels coming down the stairs.  Illeah uses flaming sphere on barrels.  They crack open and two creatures come out.  The creatures look like writing masses.  Zeeboo and Sophia recognize them as creatures they fought with earlier in their adventure.  They hell out to everyone not to let the creatures touch them.  Emmet manages to get touched anyway.  He starts to turn into something resembling the creatures.  

Kather decides he wants to take whats left of the barrels and start a little fire.

Oskar takes out the box that Brandon gave him earlier.  In the box is the strange crossbow.  Emmet manages to regain his form by "flexing his prettiness".  Emmet then puts up a wall of force to trap the creatures with a sphere of fire and some eagles.  Emmet summons a Formain Worker on the side of the wall with the creatures.  Illeah summons more eagles.  After the wall of force falls Zeeboo destroys the last of the creatures.

The group decides to go upstairs.  Illeah has the intense need to see Sophia every day.  Sophia decides that Zeeboo is amazing.  Oskar believes he has magical healing powers.  And Zeeboo believes he is a god.

The stairs lead to a door, past that door is a hallway that dead ends at a T juncture.  The group goes left.  There is a door on the left.  That room seems to be a work room.  The next room is a library.  The hallway turns.  Emmet goes around the corner and suddenly all his other personalities go away, but, he has amnesia.  Just before going around the corner, Emmet polymorphed into a Troll.  He is quite confused.

The group decide to back up the the T point.  They go down the last remaining hallway.  The next door they go in to has a table with papers and parts of bodies on it.  Illeah thinks they are making glolums.  Behind the next door is a lounge.  In the lounge there are a bunch of very nice bottles of liquor.  The group help themselves.  

Deciding they need to find any hidden doors NOW, Sophia volunteers to take the sword.  The sword finds a hidden door in the floor.  Thorbin brings the anti-magic ball by Sophia and she puts the sword down.  Zeeboo casts open on the hidden door.  It opens to a small storage compartment, inside is a sack.  Sophia takes the sword again.  The sword has wised up and puts a wall of force between it and the anti-magic ball Thorbin is holding. Sophia then leaves the room.  Zeeboo takes the sphere and dimension doors out from behind the wall to follow Sophia.  The sword finds another door.  Zeeboo turns on the sphere and Sophia drops the sword again.  Illeah opens the door.  There seems to be a small study room.  There is a journal on the table in the room.  Illeah wraps the journal in some cloth and puts it in her bag.  Sophia is given the sword again.  This time she goes into the golum making room.  The sword starts hacking at the golum parts declaring them an abomination.  Eventually the sword is convinced that the body parts are 100% dead and that it should look for a hidden door.  At the end of the hallway the sword finds a hidden door.  The anti-magic sphere is used and Sophia drops the sword again.  

Thorbin opens the door.  Inside he sees more of the spider face guys and more of the writhing mass creatures.  Thorbin closes the door.  It is decided that this is the perfect time to leave the Far Realm.  Zeeboo uses the tuning fork and the scroll of gate to open a portal.  Emmet is the last one through.  As he leaves he turns and sees a large man in full black plate mail.  

Illeah brings Emmet to the temple for some restoration (flexing that pretty takes a lot out of a man!).  The rest of the group go to the house in Vanslet that they normally use, hey want to talk to the angry Kor construct and get Naibor to help "wish away!" the insanity.  On the way they hear horse hooves approaching them.  It's Oean.  He is wearing armor, has a woman under his arm and a sheriff's badge on his chest.  This can't be good.



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