Rightful Queen of the Kingdom of Larea (and a whore)


STR     11   +0
DEX     18   +4
CON    15   +2
INT      14   +2
WIS     14   +2
CHA     20   +5
HP   77
AC   19
BAB +6/+1




Sophia was orphaned at a young age. Her parents had lived in the small town of Esland, with no orphanages or kin near by she was forced to beg, borrow, and steal to get by. Barely getting by in Esland at the age of 10 she decided to seek out more a "profitable" town. Stowed away on a merchant ship she came to Dulacis.

Sophia is the first born daughter of the King of Lerea.  She and her twin sister, Leah, were 12 when their father fell gravely ill and died.  Leah felt cheated because even though they were twins Sophia was given the crown.  She conspired with a Wizard to wipe out Sophia's memories and get rid of her in exchange for power and money.  He agreed, after wiping her memory he dropped Sophia in Dulacis.


In Dulacis, stealing was enough to make a living. At the age of 15 Sophia had blossomed. She had gone from being a thin youth to being a curvy woman. With an ample bust-line and stunning blue eyes she got quite a bit of attention from men. Realizing that sleeping with men for money THEN stealing from them was far more profitable (and much easier) she fell into a life of prostitution.


She became associated with a higher end brothel. Because of her beauty she could be picky about her clients. Wealthy and powerful men made up most of her clientele.


Always trying to make a few extra gold pieces Sophia often gambled her money away. She is constantly trying to strike it rich so she can retire and maybe start her own brothel, however, she has been less than lucky so far. She worships the god Ormet (known for his love of games and gambling), she often utters a prayer to him before placing a large bet.


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