Talbot Conlaoch

Undead Fighter


Str: 16 (3)
Dex: 16 (3) Ref: 8
Con: 14 (2) Fort: 10
Int: 16 (3)
Wis: 13 (1) Will: 5
Cha: 12 (1)

AC: 18

Ambidexterity, 2 Weapon Fighting, Great Cleave, Improved Crit, Improved 2 Weapon, Whirlwind, etc

Scimitar + 15/10/5 1d8 + 5
Short Swd + 14/9 2d6 + 4


I once wore one of those mushroom guys as a hat… but it’s cool. I thought he might be able to hide me from the mindflayers and drow. It didn’t work.

I spent way way to long in the underdark, then these adventurers came along and were gonna help me get out… their plan was to get captured by the drow. Now I’m undead! Also, I’m still in the underdark.

I’m free. There’s this awesome little town those guys run, it’s called Vanslet. I’m gonna make this place home.

Talbot Conlaoch

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