The Hourglass

An artifact from the Citadel of Eternity


Subject in possession never ages and immune to all age related spells and effects.

Timestop 1/day (no cost) Slow 1/day (no cost) Haste 1/day (no cost) Age someone one year 1/day Save Fort DC17 (no cost) Age someone d6 years (user ages 1 year for every d6) Reverse time 30 minutes (user ages 1d6 years)


Was once contained in the Citadel of Eternity on the Plane of Time. Was stolen by a King who lived in the underwater city of Aklesh. For the Kings attempt to cheat death and live forever the gods cursed his city. Was given to a group of adventurers whom took it with them to the surface.

The Hourglass

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