Dulacis Kingdom


Our intrepid team of adventurars (and one of their mothers) are sent on a mission to escort a census taker (the third to be sent) to the village of Esland.

Uppon ariving they notice the town is rather quiet.  After looking around they decide that the town has been deserted for quite some time.  Elden then sees some one moving by the town office building.  It is a girl named Stellvia about age 18.  She askes when the army is comming.  The group must inform her that the army isn't coming.  Stellvia gets them to an upper room in the office building where her and her young brother have been hiding.  

She tells the party that a strange man with a weird crown had come to town a while ago and then a bunch of people left town and didn't return.  A while later the strange man returned with the missing villagers and they proceded to kill more of the villagers.  Those dead villagers would return with the strange man a few nights later.  The girl and her brother are the only ones left.

The party decideds to try and get the kids out of town.  Before they can leave the man and his undead towns people show up.  A battle insues.  Elden attacks the strange man directly.  At some point the man touches Elden and Elden feels his intellegence and wisdom deminish, but he still knows how to swing an axe so he doesn't let his temporary stupidity stop him.  Soon the strange man's crown breaks and explodes.  The undead townspeople fall the to ground.  They are piled and burned.

Durring the night Eldon has a dream about the strange man.  The man aproaches Eldon and reaches in his skull and pulls out a crown and tries to give it to Eldon.  Eldon wakes up before the man can give him the crown.  Sadly, Eldon cannot speak (due to his lack of cognative abilities) so he cannot tell the others about his dream.

On the way to the nearest town, Renin Falls they run in to a man who is injured in a cart, they treat him and he tells them he was coming from the town they are going to and he and his companions were attacked.  He doesn't know where his companions are or how long he has been unconscious.  

When the party reaches the town of Renin Falls they tell the man with the cart to take care of the girl and her brother and wish them well.  The man thanks them and tries to repay them as best he can with shiny things from his cart.  

Returning to Dulacis, the party reports in with the census worker.  The population of Esland is 0, but Renin Falls just got two new residents.

Finding the Mirror (Part Two)

After the fierce battle our Adventurers needed a good night's sleep.  The next morning (or whatever you call it in the Negative energy plain) our Adventurers ventured up the next flight of stairs.  Illea and Emmet made a bet on whether this would be the last flight of stairs for 30 gold.  Illea lost when on the next level there was yet another flight of stairs.

On this level there were two chests and they wreaked of magic.  Sophia tried to disarm the magical traps.  The first one she wasn't very successful with.  Inside the chest was a shield of Mithril which was promptly given to Orsen.  Sophia was much more successful with the second chest.  Inside of that was something wrapped in cloth.  Emmet unraveled it to find a beautiful long sword, which he promptly picked up.  "Forsooth!  I am free!" the sword said, but only Emmet could hear it.  Emmet suddenly felt like he must fight evil at any turn and that he must do it with this swordEmmet seemed to forget that he didn't know the first thing about sword play.  He also felt like he needed to get rid of his short spear because he would only need this sword.  He gave it to Sophia who doesn't know the first thing about short spears.

Having looted this floor thoroughly the party decided to go up the next flight of stairs.  This level seemed to be the last.  There was a table and bookshelves and a large object with a sheet over it.  Illea removed the sheet to find an elaborate mirror.  Feeling confident that was the mirror they were looking for our adventurers decided to check out the rest of the room before moving on. 

Illea took a look at the table, Illea asked Emmet to check out the magic scrolls on the table.  Emmet immediately set them on fire screaming about how they were evil and needed to be destroyed, all while waving his new sword around wildly.  Sophia put him on time out and told him to stand in the corner.  Illea found a horn on the table made of bone.  After a little examination she found that it was a horn of good/evil.  She blew it and nothing happened so she gave it to Sophia.

Zeeboo examined the book shelf, he found several books he decided should be put in his growing collection including one on how to make blood golems.  One book looked like it was bound with human skin and emanated evil.  Emmet was called over to investigate with his sword.  He yelled about how it had to be destroyed but then just sort of poked it with his sword, pushing it around the room.  It was decided that the cloth that had been wrapped around the sword would be used to wrap up the book so they could take it somewhere to be examined.

Satisfied that they had found everything of importance the party decided to venture through the mirror.  Zeeboo used one of his mirror crossbow bolts to activate it and the party went through the mirror.

Zeeboo guessed that this was the plain of mirrors and that we must find the mirror that led to the Observitorium.  The party started to explore this strange maze like plain.  As they explored, the party ran into Illea, but it wasn't Illea, it was Illea's mirror self.  They were attacked by her but in the end shattered her.  next the group found a mirror that led to a bunch of military men in red coats.  Out of nowhere mirror Zeeboo showed up!  The party dispatched him.  Soon after mirror Emmet attacked them, he too was soundly beaten.  More mirrors were found, one to a very hot looking box, another to the fire plane, and another that led to the lair of a Red Dragon.  Sophia's mirror self attacked next, she separated the party by using the mirror dagger's wall of force.  Emmet and Orsen went ahead and soon ran into Orsen's mirror self.  After mirror Sophia was defeated the rest of the party joined in the fight against mirror Orsen.  After mirror Orsen was defeated the party went on looking for mirrors.

One mirror seemed to lead to a lovely looking Inn, one to the Elysian plain, one led to what looked like a tavern in Dulacis, but the military men dressed in red where there.  The final mirror led to a place filled with gears and buttons and levers.  The party decided this mirror seemed the most likely to lead to the observitorium.  The group went through the mirror and immediately felt less wise.  

They saw a clockwork man, but when they tried to talk to him, he vanished.  Not knowing how to work anything in the room the party decided to check the door that led outside.  While exploring they found a man in one of the rooms.  He seemed very interested in Emmet's cloak, he was sort of drooling and looked out of it.  After a few restoration spells and some wisdom pills they found that his name (most likely) was Besil and that he was probably a wizard or sorcerer.  He new who Benar was and remembered Dulacis but not a whole lot else.  The party asked him if he knew how to work the observitorium and he said he did.  They asked if he could help them locate Nabor, he said he would try.  Besil also warned the party to be alert while outside because of some terrible beast.  The party was also instructed to NOT sleep here, it would be better to go back to the plain of mirrors at night.

The Quest for Naibor
Crazy loves us!

Still in the Observitorium, Bezil shows the party to an inner room.  There are all sorts of nobs and levers which he tells the party NOT to touch.  After telling Bezil all they know about Naibor  (which isn't a whole lot) he sets to the work of finding him.  While waiting for Bezil to find NaiborSophia notices a dial going crazy soon after two demons pop in to existence.  They don't seem to care about what the party is up to but Emmet  desperately wants to destroy them.  Orsen has to hold him back and Illeah  ties him up.  Sadly he breaks free and the whole process must happen again.  While tied up, Orsen knocks Emmet's sword out of his hand, Emmet does  not want it back.  Sophia decides to be cautious and blows the horn of good and stands next to Bezil, if anyone needs to stay safe it's him.  This attracts the demons.  They appear to have an argument and then they walk away.  Soon after they pop back out of the Observatorium.

Bezil thinks he might have found Naibor but the place he is at seems to keep shifting through the plains so it's hard to get a good idea of where he is.  The group thank Bezil and ask him to send them there.  He says he will and then he is going back to the material plain for an ale.

Our Adventurers find themselves in what looks to be a room at an Inn.  Deciding  it's been far too long since any of them have had any real sleep they decide to rest before they move on. 

When they awake they cautiously leave the room.  In the hallway they see one direction leads to a set of stairs going up and the other way leads to a big room with a bunch of people milling about.  It is decided that they should try to ask someone where they are and if anyone knows where Naibor is.  In the big room there are many Elves and Humanoids sitting at tables and chatting.  Deciding that the Bartender is always the man in the know Sophia goes up to him to find out where they are.  Apparently they are at the World Serpent Inn.  They ask about Naibor, the bartender, Mitchifer, says it sounds familiar but isn't sure where he is.  Everyone orders some food and drink and goes to sit down.  Illeah decides to chat with some Elves, it seems they've been here a very long time.

There is an Ethereal man sitting by one of the fires, the group sits down by him.  Orsen asks him his name and asks if he might know who Naibor is or where to find him.  The Ethereal man's name is Daniel and he has been here a long time.  He thinks the man sitting at the opposite end of the room in the old Wizard's cloak might be Naibor, he knows he is at least a plains walker.

The man Daniel was pointing to was sitting at a table with another, younger, man in a cloak and was laughing.  Sophia decides she'll go investigate by sitting herself down next to the man reported to be Naibor.  The other man at the table shrieks and falls out of his seat.  On closer inspection Sophia finds that Naibor's companion is Oean .  She calls the rest of the group over to keep an eye on Oean

Naibor seems a little…. well, insane.  He's very interested in drinking water and talking about how funny Oean is.  After confirming his is in fact Naibor our adventurers ask him about Pratt's tower, this makes him very anxious.  Next they ask him about the strange crowns they've been finding that control the undead.  He gets really anxious.  Zeeboo calms him down by showing him a few magic books.  Deciding that they need to get out of this inn and back to Benar the group decide to tell Naibor that Oean left something in Dulacis and needs to go and get it, and they can't leave unless Naibor helps them.  He quickly agrees and makes arrangements to go back to Dulacis.

Soon he takes everyone to the door and when it opens they are in the south east part of Dulacis in an alleyway. However, when they are in the ally they find a wanted poster with all of their pictures on it.  There also seems to be a lot of military personnel walking around.  Deciding walking around the city might be dangerous hiding is necessary.  Illeah changes into her dog form, Zeeboo polymorphous into a Dwarf and Sophia and Orsen drink invisibility potion.  Sophia tells Naibor that they want to surprise someone so that's why they are hiding and he should just act normal because they wont be expecting him.  Naibor says he loves surprises and cooperates telling Oean he needs to be quiet too.

The party makes it clear of the city, Emmet decides he is going to figure out what's happened since the party left.  Emmet goes into the library at the School of the Redstaff and goes to check out a book of recent events.  He has not paid his dues lately and must pay a 100 gold piece fine.  Emmet catches up to the group and after reading the book tells them that they have been gone for 4 or 5 years and recently there has been a Verhovian build up in the city.

The party continues to go North to the Dwarven kingdom.  Orsen goes in first to see if the group is also wanted here, they aren't.  Orsen asks one of the guards what's been going on for the last 5 years since he's been "traveling".  The guard tells him Goblins and Metal Spiders have been attacking and gaining power in the north.  One of the Dwarven cities has even fallen to them.  Orsen then asks about Benar, the guard doesn't know him but says the party should go to The Hearth, the Inn and Bar of the city, to ask about him.

At the Hearth Orsen asks the Barkeep about Benar, the Barkeep leans in and quietly tells Orsen to come back tomorrow and he will help him then.  So our Adventurers decide to find a temple to get back to 100%.  After some restoration Emmet and Illeah  ask the clerics about the Evil book the party found.  The cleric tells them it is the Book of Vile Darkness.  The party also drops Oean off at the jail for the night, not wanting him to escape in the night.

The party goes back to The Harth and get rooms for the night.  Illeah and Sophia "share" a room, much to Emmet's disappointment.  In the morning the group go down to the bar and talk to the barkeep again.  He slides a key over to Orsen and tells the group to go to that room in a few hours.  In the meantime, Oean is returned to the group with a gag in his mouth.  Apparently he wouldn't shut up and kept trying to bribe the guards.

After a few hours the party goes up to the room and unlocks the door.  Standing in the room is a dwarven woman, who is really BenarBenar is very upset (5 years as a dwarven woman will do that to a wizard).  The group fill him in on their adventures.  When Emmet tells him he stopped by the Red Staff Benar becomes upset thinking he may have given the group away.  Benar says the Verhovians are amassing for war.  Benar is also concerned that Naibor is insane.

Emmet gets a cleric to try and restore Naibor but there is nothing he can do.  Benar sits Naibor down and starts asking him questions about Pratt which makes Naibor very upset.  Orsen dispels fear on Naibor which helps a bit.  Benar asks Naibor if he remembers the crowns, he then opens a case with one of the crowns in it.  Naibor remembers them, they were made by Pratt.  Naibor keeps freaking out and starts talking about how he isn't going back.

Naibor tells everyone that Pratt thought the world was sick and that he went "far away" and took Naibor with him.  Naibor and Pratt had been friends, but then Pratt changed.  The place that Pratt took Naibor breaks down your mind over time.  Naibor also says that Pratt's tower was really a transport device.  Naibor asks if everyone would like to see where Pratt's tower used to be and the group agrees.  Naibor snaps his fingers and the group is outside next to a big hole.  Naibor even transported the furniture in the room.

Benar shows Naibor some schematics and asks him if he knows what they are for.  Naibor says that he built them for Pratt, they are inter plainer transporters, but they can only go one place and they cannot be used to go back.  Benar informs the group that the Sith Empire has contracted to have a large amount made for them.

Jail Break!
Making friends and Influencing enemies!

Our intrepid adventurers decide to show Benar the evil book they found, he doesn't want it and wants to know why they didn't leave it on the negative energy plain.  Illeah wants it destroyed.  Benar asks Naibor if he can get rid of it.  The book vanishes.  When asked what happened to the book Naibor says that he sent it to the positive energy plain because no one would think to look for it there.

Benar tells the group that Kor is in prison, he was arrested over a year ago and he had been helping BenarKor's cell dispels magic so that he can't just teleport out.  Benar wants the party to break Kor out of jail.  Naibor would transport them to the prison near Kor's cell and they would have to get him out and find a way back, but Kor is a high ranking wizard, he'll know what to do!  right?

The group forms a plan to dress Oean up as Kor and use him as a replacement in the cell to buy some time.  Sophia disguises him and Illeah charms him so he is more amicable towards the idea.  Zeeboo polymorphs into a guard, Illeah transforms into a rat, Sophia plans on being sneaky and she also disguises Emmet as a guard and Orsen as a prisoner.  Benar says he can make two of the group invisible but that's the best he can do.  Emmet and Orsen are made invisible.

Benar says he is going to take Naibor to the men in goggles and trench coats, they deal in information and Naibor is full of it.  He hopes to use that to his advantage and trade for some more information. 

Naibor transports the group to the prison, down a short dead end hallway.  Illeah checks out the hallway in her rat form.  There are two guards watching one cell door and a metal construct man at the end of the hallway.  She looks under the other cell doors.  One is empty, one has a very strong man doing push ups in it, one has a woman reading a book, and one has a black prisoner in it.  Using deductive reasoning the group decides that the cell with the two guards in front of it is probably the one with Kor inside.

Zeeboo uses ghost noise to make it sound like a prison riot is going on downstairs.  The guards go to check it out but one of them calls out to the construct "Jake, guard this door and make sure no one goes in!"  The construct moves to the door, it has the name "Jake" carved in to its arm.  Zeeboo polymorphs into the guard who ordered Jake to guard the door and tells him that they need him downstairs, Jake is unconvinced.  Walking past Jake does not provoke him, Sophia takes a chance and tries to pick the lock (she isn't going in the room after all) but Jake attacks her.

Deciding the only way into the door is to destroy Jake the group attacks him.  Emmet throws boulders and Orsen bull rushes him while the others attack with whatever non magic attacks they can.  Illeah goes to the cell with the strong guy in it and asks him to help, he agrees.  Sophia unlocks his door, he goes up to Emmet and Zeeboo looking for weapons.  Emmet gives him a short spear and casts Mage armor on him as well.  Zeeboo is focusing on his Dire Badger that he just summoned to attack Jake, Jake quickly smashes the poor dire badger.

The group hear the guards coming back up the stairs, Illeah had cast entangle on the stairs so they are having a hard go of it.  Orsen moves Jake away from Kor's door.  Sophia starts working on the lock, after a few tries Kor is free.  Oean is called to take Kor's place.  As soon as Oean is in the cell Illeah's charm spell wears off, the group ask the strong guy to knock him out.  After a scuffle (very one sided but a scuffle none the less) Oean is out cold and is put on the bed and covered with the blanket.  Sophia re locks the door and then sets to work releasing the other prisoners.  The group give the girl a dagger and the black guy claims to be lawful good (HA!) so they give him "the sword" he immediately demands they all vow to defeat evil and and fight for justice!  Every one says they will, then Emmet asks if he could see the sword real quick and takes it with his robe and throws it across the room.  Illeah re-wraps it and puts it away.  Orsen gives the black guy a mace instead, Illeah charms him for good measure.

Kor pulls Zeeboo and Emmet aside and tells them that there is another area where they are keeping all his stuff, like his magic books.  He tells them that they need to get to that room so they can try to find a way out of the prison. 

Illeah drops entangle and the group goes down stairs, they find two guards and two more constructs.  The two male prisoners go first, wanting to get back at the guards who held them captive for so long.  The guards throw two bags at them, they explode with a gooey substance.  The strong guy is stuck where he is but the black prisoner can still move.  The guards shoot strange crossbows at the group that shoot stones, they seem to force people back. Illeah summons some hawks to attack, Zeeboo uses a fireball and Orsen attacks one of the guards and knocks him out.  The other guard is quickly dispatched as well.  The two male prisoners then go to work on one of the constructs.  Illeah summons a fireball as well.  Zeeboo starts making his way up to the room Kor told him about.  Emmet takes the guards stuff including the cross bows.  Orsen finishes off the last construct.  Illeah binds and gags the unconscious guards and has the prisoners put them in a cell.

The group then goes upstairs to see a large locked gate.  They try using the keys they found on the guard but none of them work.  Sophia picks the lock. Kor starts looking for anything to get the group out of the prison.  Emmet, Zeeboo and Illeah start pocketing as many scrolls as they can while they help him.  Illeah and Zeeboo find a scroll at the same time, Kor takes it and calls the group (not the prisoners) to him and they vanish from the prison.

The group is now in some kind of store room.

To the Library!

Kor leaves the store room find some of his contacts.  He informs out adventurers that the store room is part of an Inn run by a woman named Beth and is in the Sythian Empire.

When Kor returns he brings with him a bunch of scrolls so he wont be completely helpless.  He informs the group that in about 10 minutes someone undercover will come to the store room.  The person coming is part of the organization that put Kor in jail.  Sure enough, 10 minutes later a woman wearing a cloak and hood comes to the store room and gives Kor a piece of paper and leaves.  On the paper is an address.  Kor leaves to find the address.  It's the address of the town's library, Kor has brought with him two wooden boxes and two greenish orbs.  He puts an orb in each box and explains that they are acid bombs (of his own design) when one puts the coin shaped key in the box the box starts to shrink while the contents do not.  It takes 30 seconds for the acid orb to break/explode.  He gives one to Illeah and one to SophiaKor tells the group to go the library and gather all the information they can and then level the place with the acid orbs.

Sophia, Emmet and Orsen disguise themselves and Illeah transforms into her dog self.  Zeeboo, however, decides that no one here will recognize him anyway and he refuses to be disguised.  Kor gives Emmet a piece of paper with a address on it and tells him to have the group meet him there when they are done.  Kor then gives Illeah directions to the Library.

As the group enter the library a large man is exiting, he would have walked over them if they hadn't moved. In the Library the group ask the Librarian about books and whatnot trying to blend in and see if they can find anything suspicious.  They soon realize they should have asked what kind of information Kor wanted.  Sophia and Emmet try to trick the Librarian.  First claiming that Emmet was illiterate and asking if there was a room with "not books" available, then claiming to be part of "an organization".  The librarian demands proof, when they ask what kind of proof he becomes visibly uncomfortable.  Illeah stands behind him and Emmet tries to intimidate him.  Orsen secures the door.  Sophia examines the room and finds a piece of the wall that doesn't look quite right and she calls Zeeboo over.  Zeeboo casts Open/Close on it and the section of wall moves away.

Meanwhile, Emmet notices the Librarian fiddling with something under his robes.  He grabs the Librarian's hands and finds a dagger that is dripping with something.  Illeah hits the dagger out of his hands with her staff.  The Librarian then breaks free of Emmet's grasp, but Orsen steps in and holds him down.  Emmet tries to tie him up but fails miserably.  Illeah ties him up instead.  Emmet then tries to shoot him in the foot but misses terribly.  Orsen then carries the Librarian to the newly opened secret door.  Emmet closes and locks the Library door putting out a "Back in 15 Minutes" sign.  Illeah lays a fire trap at the mouth of the secret door.

The room the group walks into is quite large with a table in the middle of the room and a smaller table on one side of the room.  On the opposite side there are 4 cubbies each one has one stave in it and one has a suit of rather heavy looking armor.  At the back of the room there are two posts about 60ft apart that seem to open a portal.  The one table is covered in metal parts and a bag with two stave's.  There is also a huge gem, Orsen tells everyone it's not real, but definitely magic. 

Upon closer inspection of the armor, the group finds a second gem that is part of the armor, there is also a strange box attached to the helmet that houses something that looks like a bottle of air.  The suit also has a slot for a stave in it.  Even though the armor looks far to heavy to move in it's obviously meant to be worn.  The other three cubicles seem to have the same setup but without the armor hanging in them.  They all have one stave hanging in them (including the one with the armor).

Our adventurers grab everything they can and start to plan their escape, but before they could set the acid bombs they hear people upstairs.  The librarian starts screaming for help, but Orsen puts his hand over his mouth and then punches the Librarian in the head, knocking him out.

A man comes down the stairs followed by the large man they saw leaving the library earlier but now he is wearing armor.  The group also notice he seems to be half red dragon.  There is also a man at the mouth of the secret doorway.  A battle begins!

After dispatching their foes quite quickly (gaining them a bag of holding) the group goes through their opponents pockets, they find a note about some one named Eltram.  The group put everything in the bag of holding. Orsen goes to get the librarian but he is dead, it seems he wiggled free and placed something in his mouth.  Illeah and Sophia place the acid bombs and the group quickly exit the building.  The library collapses in on itself.

The group go to the address Kor told them to meet him at.  A butler answers the door and brings them to Kor.  They tell him the story of their quest and give him all that they found.  Among the things the group has found is a ring.  Zeeboo identifies it as a ring of Wizarding 3rd level.  Emmet puts it on.  Kor makes Emmet put the suit of armor on, he immediately runs out of air.  Kor turns a nob in the little box on the helmet letting the bottle of air pour into the helmet.  Kor then tells Emmet to go into another room.  This takes some time but once he is gone Kor uses the stave that had been hanging with the armor and suddenly Emmet is right next to Kor laying on the ground. 

Emmet finally frees himself of the armor with a little help from Kor who hit the release button on the back of the neck of the armor.  Kor takes the note the group found on the half dragon.  Eltram, who is a a rich noble, is mentioned as a target because he is "beginning to suspect something" the note says to create a portal at his summer house and get rid of him.  Kor tells the group that they will be going to Eltram's summer home. 

After a days journey the group get to the summer house.  The doors are open and the place seems ransacked.  The group go in cautiously.  They explore the kitchen, store room, dining room, parlor and bathroom on the first floor.  The only thing of note was Eltram's toilet, which was a portal to another dimension, probably the negative energy plain. 

On the second floor the group find a large metal door.  Sophia tries to unlock it, and after several tries she does.  The door leads to a regal bedroom.  There is a locked chest in the room, it's clearly magic.  Sophia tries to unlock it but the chest attacks her.  Soon the Chairs begin to attack, and the bed, and even the rug!  Poor Zeeboo was so constricted by the rug he passed out.  Emmet went to use Magic Missile and suddenly paperwork and a quill appeared in front of him, his ring of wizarding 3rd level was really a ring of bureaucratic wizarding 3rd level.  He would now have to fill out complicated paperwork to use any magic.  After defeating the furniture (and some paperwork) the group hear a loud thud downstairs followed by someone yelling "Watch it!"

Magpie Men and Magic Munching Malevolence!

After hearing a noise downstairs Sophia sneaks down to check out what is going on.  She follows the noise of voices into the kitchen.  The voices seem very far away but they are coming from the pantry.  Opening the pantry door Sophia sees some light coming from a hidden door.  The voices seem to have heard her so she goes up stairs to get the rest of the group.  

Now all huddled in the pantry our adventurers decide to open the secret door.  The door leads down a bunch of stairs, Sophia sneaks down to see what is down there.  Sophia sees four bird men (Wareravens?  Magpie Men?) and a large vase that seems to have fallen off of a pedestal but is unbroken.  Sophia goes up the stairs to tell the group.  Everyone goes down the stairs and start the attack (yes, that's right, shoot now, ask questions later).  The group make quick work of the first 3 men but decide they want to keep the fourth alive to question.  Orsen tries to grapple the fourth bird man but is unsuccessful.  Zeeboo tries to punch him, he then realizes he is a Gnome and punching things isn't his strong suit.  Zeeboo then remembers he is an illusionist and uses color spray to knock the bird man unconscious.

Just then, the group hears a loud crack!  Illeah's fireball has been sitting near the giant vase and it seems to have cracked it.  A green shimmery ooze seeps out of the vase and on to the ground.  Illeah moves one of the bird men's corpses out of the way of the ooze.  Zeeboo suddenly can't remember one of his spells.  Before the group can retreat the ooze goes after Emmet and and tries to pull him into it.  Emmet feels as if his skin is being digested and screams for help.  Sophia tries to throw him a rope but the ooze disintegrates it.  Orsen tries to pull Emmet out but is unsuccessful.  Emmet and Zeeboo are forgetting spells left and right.  The ooze tries to get Zeeboo but Sophia pulls him out of the way and he heads upstairs, not keen on forgetting anymore spells or being eaten.  Illeah drags the living bird man upstairs.  Orsen finally frees Emmet from the ooze and throws him to safety.  Every one heads upstairs, but the ooze follows

The ooze seems to be ignoring everyone who isn't a magic user.  Sophia stands at the top of the stairs and blows her horn of good/evil.  It doesn't stop the ooze.  Sophia then uses her dagger to cast wall of force, this stops the ooze. and the group runs out of the house.

Safely away from the terrible ooze and the house the bird man wakes up and starts demanding to know where he is and what the group has done to him and his friends.  Our adventurers ask him what him and his friends were doing in a house that is clearly not theirs.  He tells them they were stealing from it and they were going to be rich.  The group asks him about the owner of the house.  The bird man says he was dead when they got there, all they found of him was his arm clutching onto a book.  He says he even took the arm and put it in his bag of holding.  Illeah looks in the bag of holding and sure enough, there is an arm holding on to a book.  The arm still has a signet ring on, the symbol on the ring matches the tapestries in the house.  It seems that this is indeed Eltram's arm.  The group let the bird man go, he heads back to the house.

The group decide to head back to Kor with their new found information (and arm).  As Kor eats breakfast the group throw down the severed arm and inform him Eltram is dead.  This puts Kor off his food.  The group tell Kor about the house and the ooze and the bird men.  Kor is interested in the book the hand is holding on to.  The hand seems fused to the book.  Kor wants Zeeboo to open the book, after some protest he does.  It seems to be a journal.  Kor gives Zeeboo a knife and tells him to get the hand off of the book.  It takes some time but eventually the book is free.  Kor takes the ring off Eltram's hand and sets it aside.  Sophia quickly steals it.

Illeah starts to read the journal and see finds a piece of paper in the back of it.  She unfolds it and finds that it is a map.  The map has the town of Vanslet marked on it with a bunch of coordinates.  It also has a large X circled in the middle of the ocean off the coast of Vanslet .  The Journal mentions "finding the city" and finding the "Kawlish" mechanism.  It also mentions leaving in a few days to find the "hourglass".  Accounts are listed for how much it will cost to build a Kawlish mechanism.  The city of Acklish is mentioned a lot. The general gist of the journal seems to be that Eltram  was going to have the Kawlish mechanism shipped to Vanslet to take them to Acklish to find the hourglass.

Zeeboo remembers stories he's heard about Acklish , but he always thought they were fairy tales. Acklish was a city underwater.  The king wanted to live forever in this city and he found a magic object (sometimes it's a ring, or an amulet, but sometimes it's an hourglass) that would grant him his wish to live forever but someone had cursed the object.  

Kor reminds everyone that the note they found on the half red dragon mentioned finding the hourglass.  Also, Good News! Naibor and Benar had stopped by while the group was gone to help Kor figure out a bit more about the suits of armor and the staves.  It seems the staves (and whoever is attached to them) can be summoned not only through space but through TIME.  The group decide to put the three summoning staves they have for the unaccounted for armor in the anti magic box they have.

Kor also mentions how he feels Benar is protesting too much about being a dwarfish woman.  He implies he's not sure Benar doesn't like it.

Underwater Adventure!
There is a distinct lack of singing crabs here....

Kor tells the group he will help them get supplies for the long journey ahead, they will be heading to Vanslet and then to Acklish and the journey to Vanslet is two weeks.

After the two week journey, our adventurers find themselves in the port town of Vanslet.  Knowing that Eltram was shipping the Kwalish device here, and since it's a port city, the group decides the best place to look for the Kwalish device is at the port office.  Sophia had stolen Eltram's signet ring so she puts it to good use.  Wearing the ring she goes to the port's main office and claims to be Eltram's wife and asks to pick up Eltram's shipment.  The port employee tells her that there are some fees that need to be taken care of.  Sophia insists on seeing the shipment before paying the 12,000 gold fee.  The Dock supervisor (and his thugs) take her to a warehouse on the pier and show her the "shipment".  When they open the doors Sophia sees a giant metal lobster like thing hanging above the water, it looks strikingly like the sketch in Eltram's journal of the Kwalish device.  Sophia pays the Dock supervisor and locks up the warehouse.  She then goes to find the rest of the group.

Illeah decides to be slightly more discrete she will turn into a parrot and fly to the warehouse while the others walk casually.  When the group gets to the warehouse the group realize that it looks like there were a bunch of crates in the warehouse that have been moved recently, this causes some concern.  Deciding to deal with that later our adventurers try to figure out the Kwalish device.  First on the list, how to get in.  Soon they find the back hatch and get inside.  There are 10 Levers at the front of the ship.  Emmet goes through them one by one and figures out the basic mechanics of the ship.  He then dons the captain's hat and becomes the ships captain.  Illeah dons the navigator's hat (since she has the best sense of direction) but she wants maps and tools before the group sets off so she makes a quick stop in town.  With all the tools required for the journey the group decides to lower the Kwalish device into the water and see what it can do.  Emmet tries to get Zeeboo to don the cabin boy hat but Zeeboo threatens to kill the whole group with a fireball if that hat got anywhere near him.

The ship moves quickly but the journey to the coordinates from Eltram's journal takes about 3 days.  In that time the group start to use one of their bags of holding as the head, since the ship seems poorly equipped for that particular need.  On the third day the group see some faint lights coming from the deep and they decide to go towards the light.  As they get closer they see what looks like a domed city with some docking stations.  Emmet docks the ship, "Everyone remember we parked in lot G!"  The city seems empty.

The dome seems to be magic, but it's starting to fail, there are columns of water sporadically through out the city, while the group is taking this in another one forms.  The magic dome still seems to be trying to keep the water contained.  The city seems to be in ill repair and it is oppressively damp.  Sophia thinks she sees someone and has the eerie feeling they are being watched.  As the group walk they find a large triangular stone engraving.  One side is a map of the city with directions to certain disticts, and one side lists some basic rules and regulations.

The group decides to go the the palace (it is the tallest building and its in the center of the city) and start their search for the hourglass there.  There seems to be four different paths from this point to the palace, the group picks the third path.  As they go along the group finds that the path is blocked by a large amount of terrible looking black water, the group decides to turn around and try another path.  Our adventurers now take the second path to the palace.  The group still feels like they are being watched.  Illeah sees someone, they look pale and gaunt, with stringy hair, he is gone as quickly as he came.  This path is also blocked by the nasty black water but it is much more shallow here.  Suddenly seven creatures come up behind them. 

The creatures start speaking in Aquan.  Emmet has used a spell to understand Aquan so he could read the engravings on the triangular stone earlier but he cannot speak it.  Fortunately Illeah suddenly remembers she speaks Aquan too!  The creatures say the city is cursed and that the group will soon end up like them if they stay, there is nothing to eat but they never die.  One of the creatures starts eyeing up Zeeboo hungrily.  Illeah tells them that there are emergency rations in the ship and that they are welcome to eat them all if they would like.  After mubling a few more things about how delicious Gnome would taste they go to the ship to eat the rations. 

The group must now move quickly.  Illeah turns into a bird and flies across the water.  Zeeboo places one immovable rod and ties a rope to it, then he polymorphous into a flying creature and flies to the other side and places the second immovable rod and ties the other end of the rope to it to make a bridge of sorts.  Emmet starts to vomit black water, he now feels less uneasy about this city than the rest of the group.  Orsen tries to purify the black water but the clear water is quickly taken over by the blackness again.  Sophia, Emmet, and Orsen cross Zeeboo's makeshift bridge and the group continue on to the palace.

At the palace the group decide to start at the top of the highest tower (since that is where all the fairy tales say the neat stuff is kept) and work their way down.  Ten floors up, the tower opens up into a large throne room.  On the throne is a man who looks very bloated, the group assumes it's King Drass the third (he is the king in the legends about Acklish).  He has four guards.  It looks like the King is fiddling with a trinket, could it be the hourglass?

The Hourglass at last!
...and some thugs

The King tells the group to leave his city before they are stuck there as well.  Illeah tries to convince him that the group is there to relieve the city of its curse.  With a little coaching from Sophia they convince him that if he gives them the hourglass he will find some peace.  He tosses the hourglass to Sophia who catches it in the anti magic box.  The box starts to become very hot.  Illeah asks the King why the hourglass would become hot like that and he yells at them to leave.

Sophia gives the box to Orsen for safe keeping.  Emmet makes everyone invisible so they can try to get out of the city unchallenged.  Making their way back to the ship, our adventurers hear a loud boom come from the direction of their ship.  The group picks up speed.  At the ship they see several of the city's residents dead bodies.  They were clearly killed by the two large trolls who have accompanied a man wearing one of the glowing crowns who is now rolling a red orb under the Kwalish device.  The orb blows up destroying the ship. 

Taking in the situation the group sees another Kwalish device.  They assume the man wearing the glowing crown and his troll friends must have arrived on it.  The group decide they must kill the trolls and the man wearing the crown to get out of this god forsaken city. Sophia tries to sneak up on the man in the crown and attack him but misses terribly.  The battle rages for some time.  Emmet has been badly hit, could it be…. yes, Emmet has been killed!!  No time to morn!  The group must vanquish their foes!  After some time the group defeat their foes.  Zeeboo has a scroll of true resurrection that he uses on EmmetEmmet lives!!!!!

The now fully restored Emmet brushes off his captain's hat and prepares to set sail in the Kwalish device.  Once they are on their way the group take stock of what is inside.  There is another red orb like the one that blew up the groups ship. There is also a man sized bag sitting in the corner.  Illeah pokes it, it's moderately squishy, like person squishy.  The group open the bag and the person inside is badly burned and missing their right hand, but alive.  Illeah heals him.  When he comes around the group realize it's Kor!

A few days pass and the group are back at Vanslet.  The group re-dock in the same warehouse.  Sophia takes Kor to a temple to see if they can get his hand restored.  They tell her the fee she realizes her once full purse is very empty and remembers that the men at the dock took a lot of money from her for a less than full warehouse.  After the group pays for Kor's hand to be restored they decide to try and get Sophia's money back. 

The group go to the dock office.  Sophia demands her money or her crates back.  They guy doesn't seem impressed.  Zeeboo steps out and polymorphous into an ogre.  He asks Sophia if he can squish the dock man.  The dock hand says Sophia will have to talk to his boss.  The group agree to meet with him.

The dock hand takes the group to the middle of the city to a large building.  It looks like it was once the home of whatever noble family ran Vanslet before the gang took over.  Inside Sophia makes her case to the gang leader (she is the "wife" of a very rich man after all).  The gang leader has several body guards and also a large drippy man about the size of an ogre.  The gang leader agrees to give Sophia 2000gp.  Sophia isn't satisfied with this arrangement.  she wants 6000gp or her crates back.  The gang leader is stubborn and only agrees to 3000gp.  After discussing it with the group she agrees to take the 3000gp.  As the group reaches the door Sophia turns around and throws the red orb at the drippy man.  A battle begins!

At first our group of intrepid adventures seem in over their heads when Sophia and Orsen get knocked out, but some quick thinking on the part of their team mates brings them around to fight again.  When the tides turn and the gang members start to fall their leader buggers off through a secret door.  After defeating all their foes (including the drippy man) the group go to the hidden door and prepare to follow the gang leader.

The City is Ours!

After finding the hidden door the head thug used to escape the group follow him down a long hallway into a library.  Smoke seems to be coming from the next room.  The group enter a room filled with tapestries that are on fire.  Illeah tries to put as much of the fire out as she can while Emmet goes outside to see if he can find any sign of the man they are pursuing.  No one has seen him.  Illeah organizes a bucket brigade to put out the rest of the fire. 

Once the fire is out the group go back into the building and find another hidden door.  They follow the passageway to a store room somewhere else on the property.  Illeah uses her tracking skills to help find the head thug.  She finds the trail and the group go to find him.  It is decided that Illeah, Sophia and Zeeboo will ride on the magic carpet the group found earlier and Emmet and Oskar (who magical appeared in Orsen's place. Oh the god's are fickle!) will walk in the direction of a large house that Illeah thinks the head thug has gone into. 

Now near the building Illeah looks inside and sees the head thug with a man who looks like a wizard.  In the corner there appears to be a large man but Illeah can't make out much more about him.  The head thug is talking with the wizard and then seems to purchase a ring from him.  Suddenly Sophia hears rustling behind them.  She turns to look and all the garbage in the area suddenly forms piles and those piles grow arms and legs.  Zeeboo quickly drops a fireball on the trash monsters, they seem to be quite flammable. 

The head thug and the wizard hear the commotion outside and go to see what is going on.  It seems the large man in the corner of the room is actually a trash monster as well.  The group decides to go up to 60ft to avoid being easily hit by any projectiles.  The wizard and the head thug are now outside, the group decide to head in the direction of Emmet and Oskar slowly and try to avoid immediate detection.  But the wizard sees them and uses his wand to attack the carpet.  Zeeboo uses lots of fireballs, Sophia uses lots of Alchemist's fire and Illeah summons many fire elementals to fight the trash monsters. 

The trash monsters climb up one another and eventually get even with the magic carpet and one of them knocks Sophia to the ground.  She continues to fight trash blobs on the ground but is soon enveloped by one.  She cannot get out and is eventually killed by a giant flaming trashball (not how she thought she would go out).  Fortunately Illeah had a scroll of True Resurrection and brought Sophia back.  Between some Hawks, Fire Elementals and some crossbow action the group knock out the head thug.  The wizard seems much more interested in who is going to fix his floor.  Zeeboo casts mending on the floor.  The wizard tells the group his name is Calhoun. 

The group is now reunited and the head thug is in tow.  The group head back to the city of Vanslet.  Finding Kor (who is more than a little upset with the ruckus they've made) and tell him of their adventure.  He tells them they don't have time to divvy up the town right now, they need to get out of there.  Illeah tells him they will leave, but not until they put someone in charge of the village, they can't just leave it without a proper government!  Sophia goes to the nicest whore house in town (which still isn't very nice) and finds the madam, Alice.  She asks her who the richest guy in town is.  She says it's a man named Bronson, he owns a shipping company.  Sophia makes Alice a deal, she will leave Alice and Brownson in charge of the town on the condition that they save a little of the taxes for the group and provide them with a safe house should they need it.  It should also be understood they are the stewards of the city and when the group returns they will resume power (keeping Alice and Brownson in positions of power of course).  Alice and Sophia meat with Mr. Brownson and make the deal official.  Alice and Brownson will hold a "trial" for the head thug and assume power.

Meanwhile, Emmet and Oskar are looking in the charred remains of the palace for any hidden horde of gold or fancy things.  They find a bunch of gold and platinum bars.  Emmet is not satisfied with this find.  He remember that "the sword" can find hidden doors.  By now Sophia and Illeah have arrived but Oskar and Zeeboo have gone to bed.  Emmet makes Sophia and Illeah promise to get the sword out of his hand after if finds any hidden doors.  Against everyone elses better judgement Emmet uses the sword.  It finds a cash box under the floor boards but then makes Emmet go to a temple in town and donate a large chunk of what he had already found.  Sophia and Illeah try to stop him but the sword makes a wall of force to stop them.  Upon Emmet's return Sophia tricks him into dropping the sword.

Kor now insists that the group listen to him.  Kor will take the hourglass and meet Alister in the South.  The group will go North West to the town of Mirewood.  There have been rumors that Pratt's last letter is in possession of the richest family in Mirewood, the group must retrieve that letter.  Naibor will bring Kor and Alister to meet up with the group near Mirewood.

Finding Pratt's Letter

As our Adventurers approach Mirewood they see that it is a medium sized town surrounded by farms and estates.  Illeah finds a grove, at first she invites the whole group to come with her, but soon the group becomes obnoxious and she kicks them out.

Sophia disguises the whole group and they go into Mirewood and find a bar.  Sophia approaches the bartender and tells him she's been "hired" but she has only been told she was hired by the richest family in town and asks who that might be.  He tells her there are three possibilities: The Alkern Family, The Merver Brothers, and the Lath Family.  Sophia excuses herself from the bar and heads back to the grove

Meanwhile, Illeah finds a man in the bar who looks like he's been around for a while.  She buys him a beer and tells him she is collecting local folk lore and histories from all the towns she goes through on her travels and asks for information on Mirewood.  He says that the Alkern family have been in the town the longest (about 200 years), that the Merver Brothers are not as rich as people think they are, and that the Lath family keeps to themselves.  He suggests asking the town Hermit for information, and that if she finds him dead to, you know, tell someone.  While Illeah and Sophia gather information Zeeboo sees that the group is being watched by another bar patron.

Illeah leaves the bar and meets with Sophia in the grove.  They share information and then decide to visit the Hermit together.  In the bar Zeeboo, Emmet, and Oskar decide they will go to the temple in town.  Emmet tries to con the clergy into clearing their coffers to cash in on a charming jewel crusted cutter (FYI, it doesn't work).  He then asks about an old letter, the priest tells him it would probably be in possession of one of the wealthy family's in town, which is what Kor had told the group earlier.

Illeah and Sophia make it to the Hermitage.  They knock on the door but there is no answer.  Illeah looks in one of the windows and sees the Hermit fast asleep.  After some more knocking and yelling Sophia decides to just go in and wake him up.  When she shakes him awake he freaks out and punches her in the face!  After he has calmed down Illeah asks him about local lore.  He tells her that the Merver Brothers are broke and that the Lath family are weird and warns against staying in town any longer.

That night the boys meet up with the girls in the grove and share information.  It's obvious that one of the three families mentioned (Alkern, Merver, and Lath) must have the letter and the Lath family seems like the likely suspect, but the group feel that everyone should be checked out.  It is decided that Sophia will call on the Merver Brothers, Illeah and Zeeboo will go to the Lath home and Emmet and Oskar will go to the Alkern home.

Sophia knocks on the Merver Brother's door and claims that she is a little lost and too tired to try to make it to town.  One brother tells her she can stay at the house for 500 gold pieces.  When she shows some shock at the price another brother comes to the door.  Soon a slap fight breaks out between the brothers.  When the other brother greets Sophia he tells her she is welcome stay at the house and insists she join them for dinner.  The brothers are in their early 60's the elder brother (who isn't trying to extort money from weary traveler) is Joseph the first, the other brother (who is very unhappy that Sophia isn't paying him anything) is Joseph the second.  Sophia tells the brothers that her employer collects artifacts from eccentric wizards and that he had sent her to find the last letter of the eccentric wizard Pratt.  She told them that her research had led her to Mirewood and that she would be able to pay for any information that would lead to finding the letter.  Joe II suddenly became quite talkative.  He told Sophia that if it was eccentric and rare the Lath family was the best place to look.  Sophia asked how she could go about talking to them about it, Joe II tells her that they never seem to leave their home.  The butler and sometimes a body guard are the only people that ever leave.  Joe I insists Sophia stay the night. wink

Emmet and Oskar head to the Alkern estate.  There seem to be some hired guards around the house.  Emmet asks if he can talk to the Lord and the guards to to fetch Lord Trevor.  Trevor comes down to speak with Emmet and Oskar.  Trevor seems to enjoy jewelry, show tunes, and Emmet.  He keeps insisting that Emmet do tricks for him.  Emmet does a few parlor tricks and then asks Trevor if he has an old letter from a man named Pratt. Trevor tells them that he doesn't and that he has never heard of the letter either.  He invites Emmet and Oskar in for dinner.  Trevor continues to insist Emmet do tricks for him through out the meal.  He tells them that they are welcome to stay the night which Emmet quickly refuses.  Trevor tells them that he will have rooms prepared anyway in case they change their minds and that they are always welcome in his home. wink

Illeah and Zeeboo head to the Lath house.  When they arrive they find tall walls surrounding the home.  They knock on the front gate.  The butler greets them coldly, Illeah tells him that she is collecting local lore and history and would like to speak with the master of the house about any lore he might be able to share.  The butler refuses her saying the master would not be taking visitors, but he takes their names (Bethany and Squint) and says he will pass along her request and send word to them about the Master's answer.  Illeah tells him they will be in a grove (she points to a different grove than the group has been staying in).  Illeah and Zeeboo then head to the new grove.

The next morning Sophia gives the Merver brothers 400 gold pieces for their information and hospitality and heads to the grove to meet up with Emmet and OskarEmmet tells her she is loosing her touch, SHE paid 400 gold to spend the night with a man! 

In the other grove, Illeah and Zeeboo are met by the Lath butler.  He says that the master will meet with them for a late dinner the next night at 9:30.  The others soon meet up with Illeah and Zeeboo and are informed of the dinner plans. 

The next night, just before the dinner, Illeah suddenly seems to not be herself.  She keeps talking about going to dinner and then gets up and starts walking towards the Lath house, she appears to not be in control of herself.  Not sure what else to do Sophia gets Intransigent and forces Illeah to hold it.  Illeah suddenly stops in her tracks, she seems unable to move. Emmet tries to use this time to tie Illeah up, sadly he did not get many merit badges as a boy in the Lookouts and he can't tie a knot to save his life.  Soon Illeah is overcome by wanting to smite evil and do great Justice!  Oskar tackles her and Sophia knocks the sword out of her hand.  Illeah starts to throw up and complains of a splitting headache. 

The group now notices that they are being watched from the Lath House and probably have been for some time.


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