Dulacis Kingdom

Insanity is a bitch

With Brandon gone, the group take the 3 into the room with the triangle formation.  The 3 tell them that the formation is what makes the portal.  The group ask about the missing piece of the sphere.  The 3 tell them the portal will not work correctly without it.  The group take the 3 into the room with the dead man in the circle next.  The Scholar says the circle is powerful protective magic.  The thing in the dead man's hand is the missing piece of the sphere.  Emmet uses his rod of negation on the circle, the group take the piece of the sphere from the dead man.  They also take his armor and sword.  Illeah reincarnates the man.  He is a giant black bear, Zeeboo polymorphs him into a human.  The 3 start asking him what happened.  He tells them everything went to hell.  He broke the portal because the whole place was over run with "things" and he protected himself with the circle, which he now refuses to leave.  Sophia seems unable to enter the circle even though everyone else can, curious…

The 3 pull the group aside and ask if it would be better to just kill the man they've found since his mind is pretty well gone.  Zeeboo works on transcribing the circle of protection into a book, it seems like it could be useful in the Far Realm.  The 3 try to find out how much time has passed since they left up until this man died.  One of them tell the group that he could be the recently dead man's great-great-great-grandfather.  Emmet asks the newly living man about the piece of sphere he had and the man freaks out.  One of the 3 knock him out.  the group must try to figure out what to do with this crazy man.  The 3 say they will take him with them.  They do not want to go through the portal with the group.  They are thinking about taking their ship and going somewhere else.  The group decide to draw the protection circle around the 3 and the unconscious crazy man by where the sphere needs to be fixed to activate the portal.  They tell the 3 to activate it and then to wait 50 seconds before deactivating it and then they can be on their way.  The 3 agree to the plan.  They all decide to sleep before their journey to the Far Realm.

The next day the group head to the portal room.  Sophia and Zeeboo see that one of the large specimen tanks that had a creature in it is now empty.  The creature is a tentacle beast, and it seems to think Zeeboo would be a delightful snack.  It falls from the ceiling next to ZeebooSophia turns into a tentacle beast as well hoping to be able to distract it or confuse it (or maybe even talk it down).  It seems unfazed.  A great battle breaks out.  The monster seems rather fond of using acid attacks.  After the beast is killed Illeah creates water over everyone that was hit with an acid attack and this neutralizes the acid.  The group must now sleep again before moving on.

When the group wakes up again Zeeboo casts the circle of protection around the one stone, the 3, and the mad man.  The 3 activate the device, a portal appears.  Taking a page from Naibor's book they all hold hands and jump in.  Now in the Far Realm, the group feel like someone is poking around in their brains.  It appears like the group is standing on parchment and they can see below them and above them many more layers of parchment.  Gravity seems to be controlled completely by one's mind.  The group can float/fly if they want to.  The portal closes behind the group.  Everyone's brain feels a little fuzzy, they must concentrate to keep things in focus.

Oskar suddenly wants to fight for great justice.  Sophia keeps calling the group peasants and names Illeah her Lady in waiting and Zeeboo her fool.  The group notice a beholder coming towards them.  They prepare for battle but are surprised when the beholder wants to be their friend.  It is clearly insane.  He tells the group his name is Kather but he keeps whispering to "Stan" about how he refuses to eat the group.  Sophia offers to Knight Kather if he helps them find a wizards tower.  He seems excited about being Sir Kather

The group see something large above them.  They send Kather to investigate.  It seems like he is trying to talk to whatever is moving their way but then he quickly turns around to return to the group.  Following him is a giant skull.  Emmet puts a wall of force up behind Kather and in front of the skull.  He puts a second wall of force in a hemisphere around the back of the skull so it is trapped.  The group continue up.  Zeeboo soon feels the need to tell everyone exactly how he feels about everything.  Seemingly no longer able to sugar coat his feelings, so, no big change.  Oskar no longer feels the need to fight for great justice, in fact, he feels no need to fight anything for any reason.  He also starts mentioning curtain times and asking where his dressing room and the Kraft services table are, oh, and he's blind.  Soon Thorbin feels a new kinship with Sophia and Illeah and starts some girl talk with them.  Sophia makes Thorbin her second lady in waiting.

The group see something in the distance, Sophia uses her goggles and sees that it is a black tower.  Illeah turns into a Griffin and Emmet turns into a Sphinx and the rest of the group ride them toward the base of the tower (Kather holds on to Illeah's tail).  Emmet decides to profess how much he loves animals and how much he hates people who hurt them.  Zeeboo is from the future!  Emmet transports the group to the base of the tower.  It is clear (at least to Illeah) that the group needs to limit their time in this plane.  But they are so close to their target, what should they do now?

To recap: Thorbin = Thinks he's a woman.  Sophia = Thinks she's a queen.  Emmet = Thinks he is from the future, loves animals more than people.  Zeeboo = Thinks his power is from ale, can't lie, thinks he is from the future.  Oskar = Thinks his spoon is his most precious possession, thinks he is a paladin, is a pacifist, thinks he is in a play, thinks he is blind.  Illeah = sane, but not for long!



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