Dulacis Kingdom

Portals and Lower Pandemonium

and a little taste of Treasure Planet

The next morning, the group gets ready to start their journey.  As they try to leave town Zeeboo and Emmet's "Wizard" friend keeps following them and "casting spells".  Sophia tells him that Benny the Half Orc is giving away magic stuff.  He heads to the bar.  The group soon hear a loud smashing noise.

The group tie themselves together again for the journey.  It will take about a day.  Zeeboo and Oskar start acting a little strangely.  Krill finds a crack and uses a seeing glass to find a portal through the crack.  No one can get close to the portal to activate it.  Sophia turns into a tentacle monster and slimes through the crack.  Now inside she activates the portal and the crack widens.  Not wanting to test the portal themselves, Emmet summons an aformian worker and tells him to go through the portal and then come back and tell the group what he found.  The worker does not return.  The group now ties a rope to a rock and throws the rock through the portal and pull it back.  They see it's not wet, frozen, melted or worse and decide the other side can't be so bad.  Emmet ties the rope to himself and goes through the portal.  He ends up in a room.  He thinks it's still somewhere on Pandemonium, he goes back through the portal.  Sophia is not satisfied with the lack of information on the room and decides she will go through.  On the other side she sees a girl chained to the wall.  The girl looks dirty and she starts freaking out when she sees SophiaSophia decides it's time to leave.  The group will now try to find another portal.

After a while, Krill finds another portal.  The group does the same rock-on-a-rope test, it goes well.  Emmet goes through but is quickly pushed back out.  He is being held by the neck by a giant undead.  The undead man wants to go back to the abyss.  Emmet tells him he doesn't have any idea how to get him there.  The undead wants 400 gold from Emmet, seeing how poorly this situation could go, Emmet decides parting with some coins isn't that bad.  After the undead leaves, Emmet checks the other side of the portal again, it is just a room with a blatant lack of a giant undead in it.

Later, a Portal is found in the floor.  Sophia opens it and the rock test is run again.  Emmet goes through first.  There are 8 treasure chests, one is very large.  Dreaming of treasure planet and candy stores, Emmet goes to get the rest of the group.  No one is really keen on going with him.  Emmet decides to go back and try his luck with one of the smaller chests.  Unsurprisingly, it attacks him, one of the chests is now sticking to him.  Emmet realizes he is fighting mimics.  Still having the rope tied to him he starts furiously pulling on it hoping for help.  Oskar decides to see what all the fuss is about and goes through the portal, the rest of the group soon follow (save Krill and Sophia, in case the portal needs reopening).  After the mimics are dealt with Emmet goes after his prize, the big chest.  He is suddenly surrounded by 2 walls of force, between them it is slowly filling with acid.  Not to be kept from his prize, Emmet opens up the chest.  Instead of gold, jewels, magical items, or a buxom princess in need of a husband so she can inherit a fortune, he finds a construct with blade arms.  Predictably, it attacks him. 

Emmet is nearly knocked out and with his last conscious thought he teleports himself clear of the walls of force.  Now the construct starts pacing by the double wall of force, seemingly waiting to attack what's left of the others when the walls let loose their acid.  Emmet is dragged back through the portal by OskarIlleah heals him and Sophia closes the portal.

Emmet wants to go back in, he swears he saw something under the construct.  He reopens the portal after sufficiently buffing himself.  Emmet teleports himself back behind the walls of force and quickly puts up another wall of force between the construct and the bag he saw.  Emmet now questions if the bag is safe, and is unsure about what he should do.  Thorbin comes in after Emmet.  He sees the acid in the walls is going down and yells to Emmet to get out of there.  Emmet grabs the bag and teleports back.  Thorbin and Emmet go back through the portal and close it.  Emmet opens his hard won prize and finds many magical items (although no one knows if they are cursed…..)



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