Dulacis Kingdom

Pratt's Tower

Shifting reality to meet our needs

The group decides to use a wish to try and regain their sanity.  The group hold hands and Zeeboo puts on the ring and wishes: “I Wish we six currently holding hands be immediately cured of insanity as if we were the target of a Greater Restoration.”

Now no one is insane!  But, Zeeboo and Emmet are really from the future.  Emmet also has a pet cat that he loves ever so much, and Zeeboo now casts better when drunk, Sophia really is a queen but her twin sister usurped her throne, Thorbin is 100% a lady, and now there are two Oskars, one is a pacifist Paladin who the group has renamed Klay, and one is blind actor/fighter.

The tower the group is in front of seems to lack a door of any kind.  The group search for any kind of entrance.  Illeah finds something that might be a door.  Oskar feels the vibrations and says that the spot is indeed a door.  Zeeboo casts open, now the group can go inside.  The group sees a large room with a door to the left and a door to the right.  There are two broken statues with magical swords lying next to them.  Emmet takes the swords.  The group decides to always go left.  Through the left door is a room with lots of wine and kegs in it.  The group takes some wine before they move on.  Back in the main room the group goes through the right door.  This door leads to a hallway.  The group finds a janitors closet.

They soon find another door.  Upon Illeah's touching of the handle a giant stone copy of griffin Illeah appears.  Illeah uses the spell stone into mud and now the griffin is a puddle.  The door does not open.   Oskar senses it is solid behind the door.  The next door leads to the kitchen.  In the kitchen, Emmet decides to only do good from now on, and Illeah seems to think she is some kind of mythic demi-god.  The next room has many tables and chairs, it may be a study of some kind.  Zeeboo looks through some of the papers strewn about.  They seem to be research on magic missile.  The next room has many pieces of stone, some are blown up.  One stone pillar has a globe on it.  Emmet touches the globe and it appears to cast a dispel magic spell, he touches it again and it stops.  Thorbin manages to free the globe and the group take it with them. The next room is quite large and has a spiral staircase in the corner.  There is also a hallway, the group follows the hallway.  It leads to another room with broken statues.  There is a bigger room off to the left; there are some scorch marks on the walls in that room.  As the group attempts to pass through the room they learn where the scorch marks came from, lightning.  Emmet uses the dispel magic globe to help the group get through the room safely.  The next room almost turns Sophia in to stone.  There is a hallway on the left, at the end of the hallway there is a set of stairs going up.  The group goes back down the hallway and finds a store room.

Oskar senses a hidden room.  Emmet tries to blink through the wall.  The blinking is awful and Emmet feels like his mind is being squeezed, also, he really wants to kill things.  Sophia finds a button that opens the wall.  There is a room with a table and a crystal ball.  Emmet (who is of the school of folk who think you can never have enough balls) takes the crystal ball.  There is also a ring on the table, Emmet puts it on, it seems quite chatty but it doesn't like his other rings and makes him get rid of them.  The ring also makes him really want to protect Illeah.  Also on the table is a cube that opens gates and a jar with flesh in it.  Eating the flesh will make a person grow a second evil head, but it knows a ton of stuff.  The final door opens into a dining room.

The group goes back to the room with the spiral staircase and begins to climb it.  Half way up, gravity flips and the group fall on to the ceiling. Illeah grabs Oskar and flies him out of the gravity switch.  The group slowly finds their way out of the strange gravity.  Illeah now thinks she knows everything and is always right, sadly, so does Klay.  The group goes to the other staircase.

Illeah and Klay fight about detecting traps.  The group goes up the stairs.  Kather seems to have set a fire behind them, Sophia interrogates him about it while Illeah crates water over the fire.  Kather denies any part in setting the fire.  Kather is now tied to EmmetZeeboo casts prestidigitation and makes a fake flame that Kather is fixated on.

At the top of the stairs there is a door.  Through the door is a hallway, the hall goes into a large area.  Illeah hears people talking; they sound far away and are talking in a language she can't understand.  Illeah tries to get Kather to look into it, Emmet suggests that he will just start more fires if he leaves their sight.  Meanwhile, Klay has taken it upon himself to investigate.  There are a bunch of brass and stone golum pieces and a large black pillar.  He sees 4 tall men, their faces look like melted spiders.  They see him, one runs through the door and 3 stay to fight.



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