Dulacis Kingdom

The Elven Forest and The Underdark

Forest Fires and the Underdark

The group is turned into various birds (and one bat) and flies into the Elven wood.  Emmet transports the group closer.  The group flies until they see a fireball that is quickly put out.  The group heads towards that area.   They find a bunch of Elves.  Illeah turns back into her normal form.  The Elves see her and ask what she is doing in the forest.  She tells them her and the group are there to help; they don't trust her or the group.  Thorbin, Sophia, and Maluna remain birds while the others turn back.  Illeah tells them that the group has heard that the Verhovians are looking for a tower underground in the woods.  Suddenly the number of Elves grows dramatically.  They tie up the group and take them to a large tree building and lead them to a room.  Thorbin changes back into a dwarf.  The group sits down.

Soon, some Elves come in.  One is clearly older than the others.  The older Elf asks Illeah why the group has come.  She tells him they wanted to try and save the forest and that she has no love for the Verhovians.  He gives her an oak branch that prevents her from talking.  He now asks Thorbin why the group is there.  Thorbin tells him the same thing Illeah told him, he adds that they are trying to save the world.  The older Elf moves on to Emmet.  He tells the Elf that the group is looking for a tower.  The Elf asks about the group.  Emmet tells him the names and gives detailed descriptions of everyone in the group including Maluna.  Seeing that Emmet is a fount of information the older Elf presses him further.  He wants to know where the tower is.  Emmet tells him it's underground.  He asks why the Verhovians want the tower.  Emmet tells him that it will open a portal to the Far Realm.

The older Elf unrolls some parchments and shows them to Emmet and asks him if he recognizes them.  Many have circles of protection on them.  Some have designs for the tower the group blew up in VerhoviaIlleah turns Sophia back in to a human.  Sophia asks the Elf about Kor.  He says that Kor was in the forest recently.  He went into the Underdark alone.  

Illeah shows the Elf the schematic for the device the group found.  He rolls out another scroll.  it looks like a schematic of a city with a giant circle of containment around it.  Illeah recognizes the city is the Cythian Empire's capital.  There are also some notes in Draconic.  They say that there is a summon gate spell in the circle.  The group realizes that once the the portal is opened, Verhovia will send the monsters to the city to destroy it.  The group wants to follow Kor into the Underdark.  Emmet sends Maluna home and the Elf shows the group where Kor entered the Underdark.

The group put Oskar in front and begins their decent.  After walking around for a while, the group sees a skeletal human arm in the rubble.  Illeah investigates, there is a full skeleton.  He appears to have been crushed by a rock fall.  He seems to have been a thief.  He has two golden statues with swords and some gold coins.  The group decides to sleep for the night

The next day, as the group travels they hear a click. Emmet has sprung a trap.  The rest of the group avoids it, but Emmet takes the full brunt.  Deciding they don't want to set off anymore traps, Illeah summons a badger to scout out ahead.  He finds nothing.  Zeeboo trips on a rock and stumbles upon some kind of magic glowing wall.  There is a small crack in the wall leading into a chamber.  Illeah turns stone to mud so the group can investigate.  They now have access to a larger room that leads down to a magic glowing building. Illeah summons a cat.  The cat checks out the building.  Nothing seems to happen to it. The group ties a rope to Emmet and he goes in.  He sees a throne with a Lizard like creature in it.  The Lizard has a ring that is glowing and appears to be making the whole building glow.  Emmet gets closer to him.  The guy looks almost mummified.  Emmet takes the ring.

The group hears something back where Illeah turned stone to mud.  It sounds like a sword being unsheathed.



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