School of the Red Staff

The main and oldest wizard/sorcerer school in Dulacis City. Was formed by a council of Wizards 173 years ago, before even the wars of unification had formed Kingdom Dulacis. The school was named after one of the original more prominent wizards Mathis Ethter. He always carried a red staff with him wherever he went and this caused the school to adopt a red staff as it’s symbol. Now Dulacis residents refer to it as the School of the Red Staff. 43 years ago two wizards on the council were unhappy by the increasing amount of sorcerers in the school, to whom they considered to be illegitimate magic users. A power struggle erupted and both left to form their own school in the south of the city, the School of the White Staff.

Current Council

Benar Brens

Linda Avaos

Castel Irons

Zendle Ith

Blake Polts


250 gp entrance

50 gp annual

50 gp for Alchemy lab access, also annual

Goods for Sale

Arcane scrolls 1st-4th level

Prices vary

Healing tablets-come in copper tubes containing three

minor 1d8+5 200gp

moderate 2d8+10 1200gp

serious 3d8+15 3000gp

Critical 4d8+20 6000gp

School of the Red Staff

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