School of the White Staff

Sorcerers Need Not Apply

This is the sign hanging above entrance to the School of the White staff and it says everything about their philosophy towards magic. Sorcerers don’t need anyone to teach them so why are they allowed to soak up valuable resources and time that wizards need to hone their craft. Founded 43 years ago over the increasing attendance of sorcerers to the School of the Red Staff by two wizards; Henel Staxon and Akton. They chose the white staff as their marker as symbol of pure wizardry and as an insult to the Red Staff. While smaller than the Red Staff they have access to rarer spells and materials. Oh and if you’re a necromancer, get the hell out. We don’t like them neither.


400gp entrance

40gp annual

Goods for sale

What do you think this is? This is a school, not some damn marketplace. I’m sure the Red Staff will cater to you’re vulgar needs.

School of the White Staff

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